The angry social rebellion from white America in the form of Trump supporters, gun-rights enthusiast, evangelical Christians and authoritarian right-wing Republican politicians and law-makers comes from their disdain and hatred of Democratic (liberal) policies and cultural lifestyle conquest.

It began with the hippie revolution of the sixties fueled by feminism, open sexuality, drug use, the passing of Roe vs. Wade, and the granting of Civil Rights to Black Americans. Protest against wars overseas also, was resented by Republican warmonger imperialist who sought to use tax-payer’s money to fund wars instead of taking care of the homeland.

While one sector of the population sought to acknowledge God and live righteous lifestyles of the traditional family (mother, father, children), the other half of the country pushed hard to overthrow that image and introduce a more relaxed version of divine social order. The open-sexual revolution brought sexually transmitted diseases, birth control pills, abortion and eventually broken families and homes. Women’s rights further divided the family as women left their homes to pursue careers which sank husbands and fathers into alimony and child support debt.

Open sexuality extended itself from the closet into open lifestyles of homosexuality (men and women) trans-sexuality and an even lower form of sexuality, pedophilia. Pornography exploded, prostitution became more sophisticated and Hollywood took full advantage of the sexual revolution by tainting theater and television screens with soft porn and alternative lifestyles.

As a result of the hyper-sexuality of the nation, the fallout only became worse. Aborting of unborn babies spilled from the consequences of one night stands and a rising rape culture, birth control became a new normal replacing the traditional abstinence lifestyle and STDs were magnified into diseases that became more deadly by the decade. Drug use also, fueled the rape culture and contributed to more domestic violence in addition to resentment toward the new, independent woman era. Ultimately, men became angry.


From the hidden rural trailer parks, suburban garages on up to Capitol Hill, men pushed back against this left-hook takedown of their white, male dominated America. Another blow came when a Black man became President. It was then these angry white males huddled and planned to take back their country by any means necessary. Lastly, the knockout punch that landed these men on their backs was when the Obama Administration and Supreme Court gave homosexuals the right to traditional marriage.

Over the years, the nation watched Liberal policies push these alternative lifestyles and cultural changes into the schools and onto the desk of their children. All this social upheaval undermined the good Christian values taught to children in traditional families. It restrained God and drowned His powers. Sexuality, drugs, rebellion against authority and God forbid; it placed women and minorities above the white male role model.

By 2016 the country was ripe for a serious backlash. Then, in comes an authority figure that promises to bring the country back to its roots of white male dominance, Godly obedience, and social and racial control. In the mist of the culture war, the Democrats fought the Republicans on cultural issues, yet melted together where it pertained to wealth, corporate power, war and imperialism.

God was further compromised as both Republicans and Democrats favored money over the well-being of the people. Evangelical Christian leaders became accustom to government subsidies and political power in the form of favors, which reduced the Christian doctrine to nothing more than money-changing. They to, have sold out the people by convincing their followers that Jesus Christ was a white male Republican who owns stocks, land, and a jet.

As God unveils the evils of both political parties, both parties sink deeper into an abyss of self-reprobation, seared consciences, and the curses of sorrow, plagues, and eventually poverty. The sins of the Democrats however, do not outweigh those of the Republicans. The Republicans and their Christian ideology have corrupted the concept of God on the other end of the spiritual spectrum.

Instead of introducing the fleshly sins of fornication, intoxication, and a twisted sense of sexual orientation into the social culture, the Republicans possess the evils of greed, (money and profits over human life), violence and murder in the form of war and hate crimes toward other people and nations of color, the polluting of the earth itself, and far worse, the exploitation of God and the Bible as an excuse to commit such acts of sin.

America is currently at a crossroads in time. It will go one way or the other; either complete Republican (authoritarianism) or complete Democratic (liberalism); but it cannot coexist any longer. Only God Himself can direct a change and do a new thing. It is proven that men, in the form of political parties, cannot govern 360 million people and make everyone happy. Unfortunately, most of the people no longer believe or trust in God.

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