All over social media, right-wing politicians and political commentators are demanding that the U.S. is not a Democracy, but a Republic. Technically, the politics are not mutually exclusive, but are a type of hybrid system with little difference in governing protocol. The problem is, the two-party system of Republicans and Democrats are warring factions both trying to gain control of the country.

Republican politicians are resentful, however, of how the people vote against their agendas but support the Democrat’s agenda instead; such as universal healthcare, unions and higher wages, protecting social programs and voting rights, and rejecting abortion and book bans, racial profiling, and handling immigration. Voting is the power behind Democracy which is why Republicans complain about elections.

The right-wing has gone to extremes and even violent attempts to prove that Democrat policies are destructive to the country and are pushing people to believe they need to follow the rules of a Republic instead. They are convincing people that this current government needs to be dismantled and taken over. Unfortunately, there are people who believe this anomaly and cannot understand that the two systems are synonymous.

For instance, in the Ohio vote on Nov. 7, to restore abortion rights, the people voted on a referendum that overwhelmingly denounced abortion bans. But “Republicans in the Ohio state legislature are threatening to strip state courts of their authority to review cases related to Issue 1, the ballot measure.”

This is the perfect example of a Republic taking power over a Democracy of voters who chose what they wanted over what the government offers. If this were a pure Republic, the voters would never have a say on any policy. Technically, in a Republic, the people elect representatives (such as senators, congressmen, or parliamentarians) who make decisions on their behalf, whereas in a Democracy, citizens directly participate in decision-making, often through voting on legislative matters. So basically, Democracy balances the rules of a Republic.


Even though the above description constitutes what the U.S. already has, what the Republicans want is a government that makes all the decisions for the people regardless of what the people want. Ironically, they are accusing the current Democratic administration of that exact thing of enacting tyranny by overriding the people’s rights when they placed mask mandates on the country. But in reality, no one individual had to wear a mask if they did not want to.

In addition, Republicans place a strong emphasis on the rule of law, with a written Constitution that outlines the limitations and powers of the government and protects individual rights. Yet when it comes to the rights of the people to choose, they want the power of the Constitution to override their choices. They also want the power to change the current Constitution to fit their agendas.

In fact, in their new proposed Project 25 agenda written by the Heritage Foundation for the next conservative administration, they distinctly say this outright; “The next conservative Administration should embrace the Constitution and understand the obligation of the executive branch to use its independent resources and authorities to restrain the excesses of both the legislative and judicial branches. This will mean ensuring that the leadership of the Department of Justice and its components understand the separation of powers, that pushback among the branches is a positive feature and not a defect of our system, and that the federal system is strengthened, not weakened, by disagreement among the branches.”

The above is a direct admission that Republicans want complete control over who has the most power, disrupting the original powers of checks and balances given by the founders. They are resentful of the power the people have and seek to abolish voting rights for many people.

Theoretically, Republic-type governments tend to have systems in place to protect minority rights and prevent majority tyranny (such as we already have in the current government). Though Republicans were once in agreement, now they want to turn this the other way around and give rule to a minority despite the majority of individual rights. And they want power over the checks and balances of the government to choose which branch has the most power and ignore any chance of the popular will of the people.

In a Republic, decisions are generally made within government institutions, with representatives deliberating and voting on policies. In a Democracy, decisions can be made through referendums or direct votes, allowing citizens to directly participate in the decision-making process. The Republicans want to eliminate citizen participation and give authority exclusively to the representatives they choose to vote on policies.

The whole debate is crazy because for the past 200-plus years this country was declared the United States, people have lived under the governing protocols without issue (except the wealthy of course), until the election of the 45th president who threw shade on Democracy and a wrench into its operation.

Since, his followers have shed doubt on whether we even live in a Democracy because they can clearly see that in the Democratic process, almost everyone – an overwhelming amount of people in the country – completely disagree with the man and his policies. But this is not stopping his followers from forming plans to disannul Democracy in the future and make this country a so-called Republic, i.e., autocracy.

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