Not only has this man, Ron DeSantis, lied to parents, children and the nation about American history and the people it held captive for over 400-plus years, but his lies are spreading to mainstream media reports in an attempt to magnify those lies to make them a normal truth.

But one Florida teacher has had enough and decided to take those lies to the United Nations since the US government has ignored his authoritarian plot. In a recent report from CBS News, “A Miami-Dade teacher packed her bags to haul complaints about Florida education standards overseas to the United Nations.”

She says what broke the camel’s back was, “new guidelines for colleagues in middle schools to begin teaching students “How slaves developed skills in which some instances could be applied for their personal benefit.”

Her complaint stands on the claim by the governor that Florida now has the best ranking schools in the nation because of his stance on the untruth of the history of slavery in the US. Like anyone else who has taken offense to the lie, she, along with a group of community activist groups have “published a 16-page report called “Florida: A Shadow Over the Sunshine State.”

They protest that teachers and school administrators are living in fear behind his new laws against teaching anything he and his colleagues falsely believe or disagree with where it pertains to American history on slavery. “The report claims state tactics “stoke fear” in marginalized communities, restrict freedom of expression, stifle truth in education, and attacks immigrant communities.”


To make matters worse, when asked about his tactics, the governor defends them by repeating a report from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – the commission whose main purpose is to extract rights from the public on behalf of the wealthy – that has done their own research that places Florida at the top of the list for having the best educational institutions in the nation, as well as Arkansas, who is run by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has also outlawed Black history in the public schools. Why would they do that?

Because ALEC is pushing the agenda of the wealthy which consist of rearranging the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to favor billionaires over the people in areas of:

  • Worker and consumer rights
  • Private and public school education policy (behavioral punishments and criminal charges)
  • Health, pharmaceutical, and safety net programs (Social Security and Medicare)
  • Environment, energy and agricultural policy
  • Voting rights and tax laws
  • Guns, prison, and crime policy

“Last month, the governor and Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr. celebrated an American Legislative Exchange Council study that ranked Florida the number one state in the country for Education Freedom. The study ranked the Sunshine State #1 in open enrollment, funding and financing programs.”

“This new ranking further proves that Florida is the national leader in education,” Governor DeSantis said in a September press release on the Florida Department of Education website. “By focusing on academic achievement, expanding school choice and empowering parents, Florida continues to see unprecedented success in our classrooms.”

“Florida’s commitment to education shines through ALEC’s ranking, which has Florida leading the country in education freedom,” Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr. said in the same press release. “Florida’s dedication to universal school choice and protection of parental rights is the reason why Florida stands ahead of the rest.”

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As a result of the power ALEC has over government officials and the mainstream media, some news agencies have mirrored the lies by publishing alternative stats of educational standards for the sake of making Florida schools look good. US News and World Reports is one of them, along with many local Florida news outlets.

On the contrary, other news and reporting agencies rankings differ greatly than Florida’s ALEC rankings. For instance, scholaroo, which also publishes school rankings for decades, has Florida in the bottom 10 at number 42, and Forbes has Florida at number 22 among school rankings. The problem is though Florida may have a decent school system, it is not number one in the nation by any means and its curricula should not become normal.

The teacher is doing the right thing by calling international attention to the scam being perpetrated on the American people and the lies being told. This has got to stop because it not only miseducates children, it is a threat to minority communities and is on the wrong side of history. This effort will fail tremendously and this governor will soon dissipate into an obscurity of lies.

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