In an effort to push fear, chaos, social upheaval, and not to mention get some ratings, the mainstream media backed by anxious wealthy oligarchs are prophesying that Trump could return to the White House in 2024. And they give four reasons why this could happen. But there is only one reason that says he never will.

First, he will not return because on the day of Jan. 6, he lost half of his supporters after the embarrassing sight the world saw. The crowd was representative of his voting base, but only a third actually went into the crime scene. The rest stayed out of sight and reach of police because, well, their conscious’s kicked in.

Regardless of what is read in the news or seen on television, of the many interviews of people who say they will still vote for Trump, these people are the bottom of the misinformation barrel, including the politicians of MAGA. Trump is more hated than wanted. The media relies on the short-term memories of the public to declare such foolishness, yet to their own peril.

And regardless of how many false evangelical prophets come out of the dirty woodwork and claim they had a vision or heard a voice, they were exposed as liars in 2020 and nationalist bigots since 2016. God does not honor liars and people who misquote Him.

The media, however, claim four reasons why he could return, but their logic reeks of delusional thinking and a disturbing sense of a need for attention and relevance. Their first reason is that there are unhappy voters in the country.


The Biden White House argues the economy is in good shape, with unemployment down to a near-historic low of 3.9% from 6.3% when Trump left office and inflation cooling from a peak over 9% in June 2022 to 3.2% as of October.

Large swaths of the public, including many voters of color and young voters, believe otherwise. They point to wages not keeping pace with the costs of essential goods and services such as groceries, cars, houses, child and elder care.

Opinion polls show that voters by a large margin view Republicans as better stewards of the economy, even though Trump has offered only vague proposals.”

First of all, anyone who still believes that the economy is based on what the president does is an idiot. This is a free-market capitalist country and the cost of living is set by the markets and corporate CEOs, not the president. The fact that the media rely on the ignorance of the public to push this narrative is a failure on their journalistic integrity.

Their number two reason is, “Voters are unsettled for reasons that extend far beyond the economy. Trump speaks to the worries, real or not, that many white Americans have in a country that is becoming increasingly diverse and more culturally progressive.

There is also a pervasive sense of losing ground, that the cornerstones of American life – home ownership, a decent wage that keeps pace with inflation, a college education – are becoming more out of reach for many. Polls show voters are worried about crime and nervous about the flow of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.”

Ok, the first paragraph confirms that Trump is a racist and so is his base. Him speaking to false fears of whites being overrun by immigrants and people of color is just a lie because it is not true. People of color are not a threat to whites. They live in fear and so does he and the journalists’ who write/wrote and believe this crap.

Again, the second paragraph says the same as the previous, the economy is driven by the markets, greedy capitalist, Wall Street, and crooked business men like Trump, which is why people cannot afford a home, an education and are in debt up to their ears. This is all lies spun to the benefit of the wealthy who look forward to Trump becoming president again so he can again give them more tax cuts and they can continue to gouge the people.

Third, they say, “While critics within his own party, the Democratic Party and the media view him as unfit for office, millions of voters disagree. Instead, many of his supporters have become convinced that Trump is a victim of a political witch hunt. At least half of Republicans surveyed by Reuters/Ipsos earlier this year said they would have no problem voting for Trump even if he were convicted of a crime.”

This reasoning is the most foolish of them all because if this country allows this man to get away with the crimes he committed and on top of that get away with allowing people to believe he did not commit any crimes, it says a lot about the intelligence of the voters, the justice system, and the politicians who make the laws; pretty much everyone who is in charge of anything that matters would be considered irrelevant to life and deserves no respect.

Lastly, they say, “Trump can also take advantage of a White House that, so far, has been unable to persuade much of the public that Biden’s job-creation policies – through heavy government investment in infrastructure, clean energy and chip manufacturing – have made a difference to their lives.

Biden also has been saddled with a pair of foreign wars that have divided Americans. Trump’s non-interventionist, “America first” message may resonate with voters fearful of further U.S. involvement in Ukraine or Israel while Biden maintains a more traditional, interventionist American foreign policy.”

So, let’s see. The media believes that voters are turned off by the wars the US is having. That should not even be an issue because the US is always at war. Please, come again with something a bit more realistic and believable. Trump will figure out a way to find a war or bomb some innocent people in another land or anything that has to do with the sell of weapons to anyone willing to buy from an American made gun manufacture.

Concluding their version of this new age propaganda, the author of the article digresses and says, “None of this, of course, means Trump is certain to win the election.” You don’t say; just wishful, chaos causing thinking we suppose. It is garbage like this that confuses the already twisted minds of people who get their news from mainstream media and Fox. They are bewildered, battered and beaten by lies, misinformation and ignorance of AI generated griff.

The truth is that most of the people who voted for Trump in 2020 will not vote for him ever again because over the last few years, they are thankful they are not in the Washington, DC county jail and they still have their jobs and families. The media wish so hard that people are stupid, but in the end, they are going to simply be people who have been replaced by AI.

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