Fret not the decisions of the Supreme Court. These people have lost focus on reality. The majority believes a society can be run by a distorted form of religious written law and false doctrine, and the minority believes in interchangeable sexuality. And both are controlled by the wealth factor.

Though they are making and turning back laws after decades of precedence, it shows that the country is regressing in not only social but intellectual capacity. The plan of the nation’s leaders is loudly unfolding in the direction of a new, divided nation. One, a Christian Nationalist state, which proves that the Christian leaders have no understanding of the Bible they read nor the God they claim to serve. And the other a nation of revelry, lawlessness, and perversion.

First, it is really sad that this country has not learned that the morality of a nation-society cannot be run by written law; that concept has already been tried in the Old Testament days and in many pagan religions of the world today. One would think that with so many Christian mega churches, religious institutions, and so-called prophets of God in the country, they would know this.

Religious and political leaders in the United States have not advanced in intellect or spiritual maturity at all since the founding of this country. In fact, they have distorted the Words of the Bible and purpose of God as well as exploited citizens under the guise of prosperity and personal liberty.

Second, immorality grips the minds of an elite class of people who only see the world as a playing field of either wealth or poverty, who create laws to uphold the former and others to preserve the latter. Within these two extremes, in no way is the United States a Christian nation or a melting pot of equality.


Jesus came to replace the written Law with the power of Grace for all believers, to help the poor and practice peace among neighbors, and this concept disappointed and confounded the religious leaders and founders of this country when they discovered that it did not fit into their practice of cruelty toward those who were not rich nor white like the Jesus they created in Europe. Since then, America has been a hypocritical and racist nation supported by the stipulated laws they write.

Currently, in resistance to the teachings of Jesus, white people must somehow maintain their power of white privilege and religious domination, which is why they anointed Trump as their new Jesus. Installing Donald Trump into the White House was a controlled process to negate the presidency of Barack Obama, who presented a threat to wealth, power, and white privilege. Conversely, the wound in the anti-bellum racial component of the country had to be healed and revived once again.

Therefore, there are two classes of logic behind the latest Supreme Court rulings; one is establishing and maintaining a false notion of Christianity and lay the foundation for Christian Nationalism and the other is to maintain the playing field of wealth and poverty. The aftermath of it all is a testimony to the oppression and racism alive and well in America.

Post-racial American advocates will lose their rudimentary argument that anti-discriminatory systems are no longer needed because there is no more racism. The reason is that once the systems are removed the racism will once again surface with a vengeance. And the Christian Nationalist movement will crumble under false doctrine and a violent resistance to forced law.

Killing Affirmative Action, ruling in favor of Christian businesspeople and maintaining the financial suppression of people in debt are all reactions to a society attempting to right the wrongs of the original sins of American religious hypocrisy, racism, and class warfare. There is no deeper meaning or irony to all this than that.

The leaders of this country lack both real intellect and spiritual aptitude so they will never see the flaw in their strategy and purpose to defeat the ultimate force of good. They believe that the power of wealth, violence, and a distorted form of righteous indignation will save the country from nonwhites and the poor, but in actuality, the innocence within those they seek to destroy is stronger than their guilty anger.

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