Want to see systemic racism in real time? Look at Jackson, Mississippi and how the state government has taken over their court system pushing out local city council and elected officials. They literally overruled a Democratic system to install a big brother cabal run by an all-white judicial system.

In an article posted on Yahoo News (the comments though), “A federal judge has ruled that he will allow Mississippi officials to move forward with creating a state-run court in part of the majority-Black capital city of Jackson, over objections from the NAACP.

Attorneys for the civil rights organization had sued on behalf of several Jackson residents, saying the new court undermines democracy because local voters or local elected officials won’t choose its judge or prosecutors.

The new Capitol Complex Improvement District Court will have a judge appointed by the state Supreme Court chief justice and prosecutors appointed by the state attorney general — officials who are white and conservative.”

But here’s the kicker. The judge that allowed this ruling is a Black man. So apparently, everyone is supposed to accept this takeover as normal everyday operations and look away from the long-game bigotry happening. Let us look at the backstory of this tragedy of Democracy.


The way it works is all in the playbook of conservatives and those who fall in line with the resistance against integration back in the fifties. They are still fighting this fight, yet under the disguise of Black face, i.e., Judge Henry Wingate.

What conservatives do and have been doing since then is slowly dismantling Black neighborhoods by starving them of tax money for services and redirecting that money to the suburbs. The schools suffer the most yet suburban schools build gymnasiums and playing fields. Look at the Brett Farve scandal and how “Last May, 2023, Mississippi native Brett Favre became embroiled in the largest case of public fraud in state history. The Hall of Fame quarterback was one of the original 38 defendants named in a civil lawsuit filed by the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) seeking to recoup Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds that were diverted to the rich and powerful. A state audit found that at least $77 million in welfare funds was misspent.”

This made headlines, but the way conservatives have drained the Black communities of school tax dollars, money for infrastructure and police protection is all in the scheme of things and lack any news coverage. This deprivation of Black communities is happening in many other states also, to communities of color for the benefit of white suburbanites.

This happened during the fifties and sixties when businesses relocated from cities to suburbs leaving food deserts, pay day loan facilities, and a string of liquor stores, check cashing places, and fast-food joints. The decaying of the Black community is then blamed on Black governing. Once the city falls apart because of lack of state funding, then the Calvary comes in like in “the Birth of a Nation,” and saves the day, like what they are doing in Mississippi right to this day.

Still not convinced? Look at the water crises in Jackson a few years ago when “In May, Mississippi receives the first half of $1.8 billion from the American Rescue Plan Act for pandemic-related expenses and for water, sewer and broadband, but a new state law requires that federal assistance funds be appropriated by the state Legislature. No special session is called, and the funds sit idle until legislators meet again in 2022.

In April of 2022, the state Legislature votes to allow cities such as Jackson to apply for funding for water and sewer projects with a one-to-one match using their own direct ARPA funds, while smaller municipalities receiving less than $1 million in ARPA funds can request a two-to-one match. The bill also singles out Jackson, requiring any funds awarded to Jackson be deposited into a state treasury fund.”

This has nothing to do with negligent Black governing but everything to do with systemic racism coming from the top down. Why is this only happening in Mississippi? No other Black-run cities, (or dual-diversity cities) are falling apart like this anywhere in the country except in the south. And people should see the comments following the article. Talk about bigotry.

Commenters on the site that published this article went to their go-to racist narrative and automatically blamed Black-on-Black crime and negligent governing for the need of a state-run court system. They were pouring it on like it was nineteen-fifty Klan country. (Article link posted below). Sad that the school system is so bad in Mississippi that the Black population cannot seem to recognize the fact that they are being played and the white ones are dumb enough to think people believe this stuff.

The goal here, is for the new state court to use crime stats and poverty to impose harsher policing on the city. The result of that? To build a larger clientele base for the private prison system that will employee white rural and suburbanites. The ultimate goal? To impose this type of bigoted shadow government on the entire country and reinstate a legalized slave system. The South will rise again; and open their eyes in hell.

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