The United States has its problems like any other young and growing country. Despite its utopian promise of a land of immigrants and a culturally diverse melting pot, some people never shared the same vision and insisted that only one race control and remain on top above all the rest. This was always its main problem.

Adopting an ideology that placed white Europeans at the helm by any means necessary has kept the US from completely fulfilling the melting pot theory. Even though after many years into its existence, the country became more diverse and culturally balanced even to the point of a Black man becoming president, yet this one act in itself immediately sent the country into reverse.

That was too much diversity for the ones who fought hard to maintain Euro-supremacy. Animosity grew large and plans were put into place that would attempt to reset the country back over 100 years to a time when the European had preeminence, power, and social control. This is the attempted turning point we are at today.

The problem with this plan, however, is that it is sloppy. Like opening a can of worms, it will be extremely difficult to return those worms back into the can. The same with an unpacked suitcase; not everything will fit back in the way it came out. So far, the opposition’s plan to return the country to its whiter times, or Make America Great Again, is not going to work because of these simple phenomena.

Aside from the Black president incident, other cultural changes dug into the heart of the more conservative side of the country, who value tradition and longstanding gender and religious roles. The slow and deadly rise of homosexuality, the women’s and Civil rights movement, and abortion and birth control, all which diminished the existence of the traditional family. Over the years, these cultural trends weakened male roles and threatened a so-called religious foundation.


So now Euro-men want to reclaim their power and turn back time by attempting to abruptly eliminate these problems using religion. The problem with their solution though, is it leads to many more complicated problems, and once these issues are exposed, they cannot be easily undone or resolved. The answer is not a hard U-turn using forced religious and legal proceedings, but to fast forward using a blend of cultural compromise and a proactive appeal to the people’s hardships and grievances; not to mention the compassion of Jesus Christ.

They lack all of the above and their way will take violence to achieve because you cannot force change on a people who grew up believing they are free and have lived this form of freedom all their lives. The opposition will only get resistance. But it seems the opposition has never considered cultural compromise or proactive appeal to the people in fear they will never gain their favor and because their religious convictions are weak and ineffective. In other words, no one will vote for or support their plans to make a hard U-turn.

No one will agree to their age-old Euro white male fantasy because civilization has naturally bypassed that era of time. It has become a relic of history and can never return as it once was. If the government, any government called for people to scrap their cars and return to horses, that would be an almost impossible feat and would take years to accomplish. If people were asked to ditch their cell-phones and return to landlines, phone companies would balk at the notion because it would take too much time and resources to do so.

There idea is respectable in that they want to return to the good old days of strong families and a semi-Godlike environment, but that ship has sailed seeing the corruption of the church and its leaders, the availability and advancement of birth control methods in science, and the rampant sexual freedoms taking control of dysfunctional families. Divorce, step-families, single moms, independent women and deadbeat dads have ruined the country and would take years to repair.

The psychological damage done to the minds of the people in this society over the years is almost irreparable; on top of the drugs, easy access to guns and the desperate need of the male ego in need of a power-fix. The police are a testimony to that fact. All these are added problems introduced into this country that would first need to be addressed before the major ones this Euro man is trying undo. Families, domestic violence; disrespectful children who purposely shame their parents’ doing drugs and living homosexual; kids carrying guns because of parental neglect are all symptoms of the broken family. Fix those first and maybe they can talk about putting the family back together.

Simply stopping abortion and birth control cold-turkey, banning books, criminalizing homosexuality and gay marriage; dismantling Black advancement and history, and deporting immigrants are not going to return the country to its so-called glory years. It will only bring resistance. It will not suddenly make women return to the kitchen and birth alpha males. It will not change the hearts of children who suffered years of parental abuse and neglect because their boomer parents hired nannies and daycares to raise them.

Putting bibles in classroom and displaying the Ten Commandments in public is not going to resurrect life into a country dying of multiple transgressions. Teachers carrying guns, or good guys with guns are not going to change the mindset in a person convinced they need to kill multiple people. There is no real transformation there. Thoughts and prayers nor prayer in school will bring back the family unit of the 1950s after it has been shattered by siblings dying in unnecessary wars, women forced into the workforce because of cheating husbands and wounded sons.

No one is going to agree to stripping a child of their childhood and placing them into meat packing plants, or criminalizing homeless people for being one paycheck away from paying their rent. Or sickly people indebt to mega medical companies, working families to credit card companies, and young students to universities that squash their freedom of speech. No one is going to vote for a man who promises vengeance and causes race hatred and division in a country that once promised diversity and cultural integration.

Turning back time is not the answer and will not work because it is against nature. Only a pathway forward will work right now. If the opposition does not understand that concept, then they are facing a failure they will never recover from. All their plans and strategies will fall apart and their confidence levels will flatten when they realize that fact of nature. Forcing people to do something they do not want to do is never a good strategy. Showing them how it works and working with them in compromise always does. The people get what they want, and the opposition mature to meet the future.

The US could have been a great country if the leaders ever understood God at all. But they do not and it never will be as God intended. They crashed and burned and now they are trying to breath life into a dead land mired in sin, hate, and greed. Equality, justice, truth, and righteousness are the answers, not scriptures forced down the throats of a people in desperate need of repentance.

Sometimes it is sad to see such a calamity happening to a promising country, but at the same time, the past atrocities this country has perpetrated on its most vulnerable citizens and those who did not fit the Euro-white bill, deserves its rightful due. With all hope, maybe the leaders of this country will see the error of their ways and repent and make a change. This is the prayer that they need to pray, not one that wishes destruction of their perceived enemies.

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