When the topic of slavery or reparations are brought up, whites usually claim they had nothing to do with what their ancestors did so they can escape responsibility for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and not be responsible for paying reparations to, or even helping, descendants of Africans.

This topic can be approached in two ways; by verifying the wealth generated from slavery to today’s corporations, and from a biblical standpoint seeing whites claim this country was founded on the Bible. The corporations that profited from slavery were banks, insurance companies, railroads, sugar producers, and clothing manufacturers among others.

Some of these companies still exist today, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, NY Life, Brooks Brothers, Dominos Sugar and others that would have never grown so successful had it not been for slavery. Many companies today still profit from the 13th amendment, which allows for slave labor through incarceration.

So yes, whites are still linked to slavery and the wealth it generates; there is no denying it. Yet these same companies discriminate against Blacks in hiring, promotions, bank loans, insurance policies, and racial profiling in retail stores and the like. Blacks are also policed as if they are a criminal element out to steal from these corporations. There are multiple ways to link whites to the residual income of slavery.

Individuals are not as connected to slavery unless they are heirs of any of these corporations or their offspring and business networks. But there are many millions of whites who live off the handed-down wealth of inherited slavery profits. Furthermore, the privilege that comes with being white connects many whites to the presence of any of the above corporations that profited from Black labor.


Legal scholars have cleverly concocted loopholes that disconnect today’s whites from slavery with made up excuses and statues of limitations. Instead, “these companies could give back to the African American community by donating to HBCUs, investing in minority businesses, offering more minority scholarships, or launching initiatives to increase their number of minority employees.”

Unfortunately, these are the exact incentives currently being dismantled by conservative lawmakers throughout the country. They claim the excuses that they had nothing to do with slavery and that there is no longer racism against Blacks so nothing needs to be done, its too late, and Blacks need to move on. All a power play to neglect their responsibilities and shake the guilt and burdens that haunt them.

From a biblical perspective, since the white power structure claim that this country was built on bible principles by Christian men, and they insist on displaying the Ten Commandments in public and teach the bible in schools, they have to abide by all the concepts of the bible and the Laws of Moses. Contained in the Old Testament along with the Ten Commandments is a promise of God that says;

…”forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.” Exodus 34:7.

This means that the God of the Old Testament promises to lay the sins of the fathers onto their children unto three to four generations. If the conservatives of today want to claim the Laws of the Old Testament by displaying the Ten Commandments, they are subject to all the Laws of Moses.

“For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law. Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.” Galatians 5:3,4. Unfortunately, conservative Christians have inadvertently placed themselves under the rules of the Law, which abolishes them from the grace of Jesus Christ. In other words, they are not real Christians deserving of forgiveness for their sins and transgressions, no matter how long ago it was.

Now if God visit the iniquity of the fathers onto the children, that means the same for the US. The children of slave owners and any relatives, are responsible for the transgressions of their ancestors. Which is all by bloodline. There is no escaping the judgment of God with lame excuses.

Of course, conservative Christians will refute this above concept to excuse themselves from this act of God also, because they love to pick and choose scriptures from the bible to fit their agenda. Yet, if they somehow weasel their way out of God’s judgment and Old Testament Law, then they must adhere to the realities of corporate profiteering. They cannot win.

Eventually, they will be judged for their transgressions against Africans and all other indigenous peoples they have wronged under the crusade of Christianity. No one can claim to be a religious soldier without being subject to all the rules of the bible. If they understood that no one falls under the Old Testament any longer since the New Covenant of Christ, they would not use the Ten Commandments to enforce law. They would use the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

However, if they used the love of Christ and the grace that follows, they would have to acknowledge they owe Blacks for their sins or at least treat them with respect and justice. But neither can they do this because of their stubborn and hard hearts. So, whites are caught between a rock and a hard place in their quest for religious domination. You cannot serve two masters.

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