In a recent article spun by “The Spun,” “A source close to the Daily Mail told the outlet that NFL teams have unanimously decided to not pursue Kaepernick,” and that “no matter how many workouts he does for teams or private workouts he does with current players, no team is signing him.”

Many responses from sports fans are malicious toward Kaepernick claiming he is washed up and made mistakes on contracts and offers made to him. Many say that he is a troublemaker and a race baiter, as they connect him to the kneeling episodes of his career.

However, these remarks come from the shallow end of why people and the NFL has shunned him. People are still carrying the torch of resentment toward him, and anyone associated with the George Floyd movement against police brutality.

Face it, when the summer of 2020 hit, it caused a major uproar in what little racial harmony was left in the country. It was only after the 45th president spoke bluntly racist remarks against Kaepernick and his stance on police brutality, when he and the vice president politicized the incident for their racist base.

Now, whatever endeavor Kaepernick seeks to achieve, he has been blacklisted “literally,” and associate with racial discord, which is a lie. No one in their right mind would or should be pro-police brutality. Kaepernick and many others stood up against this barbaric practice and decided enough was enough.


So regardless of whether Kaepernick is washed up or bad free agent. The real reason for his slight by the NFL and its fans, is because he stood up against what anyone with common sense and a sense of humanity would not allow.

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