The reasons behind Republican politician’s effort to distort and eliminate Black history from K-12 schools and universities – which is because it would hurt the feelings of their children – is a cowardly move and reveals a weakness in the egos of the older white generation.

It further uncovers the shame they feel now since generational photos, quotes and moments of activism have surfaced online from when they were active in resisting integration during the sixties and 70s, and during the neutralization of Blacks during the crack 80s, and in the 90s with the 1994 crime bill included with the Clinton’s contribution to the law and order agenda against Black males. Which could be why not much has been done by the Biden Administration to fight back against this new blatant form of American bigotry.

More states are successfully passing laws that literally remove the history of Black America from curricula, admittingly claiming it does not contribute to real American history, or that it is racially harmful and divisive as compared to the actual history of American racism and genocide.

Florida and its governor have gone as far as to introduce a comical supplement of American history promoted by PragerU – “Named after conservative radio host Dennis Prager, Prager University Foundation is a nonprofit organization that says it makes videos that “promote American values,” calling them “a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education.” It is not a university.”

An “alternative to left-wing ideology” meaning it intentionally denounces any and all forms of Black progress and existence. The curricula whitewash American history and glosses over the traumatic effects of slavery but has been approved by the Florida governor and provided to teachers as an alternative to the truth. However, the school systems are starting to reject it.


“In a statement, a spokesperson for Broward County Public Schools said “the District has no current plans to incorporate this curriculum in the upcoming school year.”

A spokesperson for Miami-Dade County Public Schools tells Local 10 News PragerU was “approved as a vendor for supplemental materials/resources” but unknown is whether there are plans to adopt PragerU’s content into the upcoming school year’s curriculum or whether there will be a process by which parents can exercise their parental rights to education to have their children opt out of the vendor’s content.”

In addition to Florida, Arkansas’ governor also, has passed a law to eliminate Black History AP courses claiming along the lines of it not being accredited, but is a pilot program only. History is history regardless of how it is classified or labeled. The problem is the older white folks in Arkansas are ashamed of what Black History brings to the table and books of their children.

“Some surviving members of the Little Rock Nine are pushing back against the Arkansas Department of Education’s decision to drop the Advanced Placement (AP) African American studies course from its schools. 

Earlier this week, the department said the course would not count for credit toward high school graduation, claiming it is still in a pilot stage and cannot be accepted until revisions are finalized. 

The Little Rock School District said it will continue offering the course, which NBC News reported Roberts welcomed, while recognizing the challenges ahead. In an interview on Fox News Thursday, Sanders said she wants to focus on the “basics of teaching math, of teaching reading, writing and American history,” and said the state cannot “push this propaganda leftist agenda.” 

The agenda behind these conservative whites is so painfully obvious that it will surely fail in the near future. By nature, people desire truth and the knowledge behind true history. They can only take lies for so long until they are exhausted from its negative energy. This is the case with the former president and his lies. People are tired of the same hype and circumstances of lies, propaganda and the division it has caused in the nation.

The next generation – the children of the shameful whites who desires to wish away their ugly past – are not going to appreciate being gaslit by their parents and grandparents when the truth finally dawns on them. Their peers from other countries and cultures will shine the light of truth on them and they too, will be ashamed of their history. But not just their history, but of their parents behavior also.

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