Voters are not voting for a president per se, some guy chosen to lead the country, no! They are voting against their own interest and in the interest of the wealthy every 4 years. This is why nothing seems to get better for the average family. The strategy is a simple 3-step process.

First, two guys are picked from opposing sides that supposedly represent the interest of the average American and their wants and needs. Second, knowing the needs are financial, the party of the two guys make promises on how they will make things better. And finally, the news media is paid to contrast the differences to influence the voters.

All the while, whoever the voters chose will only accomplish what the wealthy wants. Regardless of the party, Democrat or Republican, even though the media reaches the hearts and minds of the people regarding their basic needs, the wealthy behind both parties will only get richer.

See, the ups and downs of the economy is not based on what the president does or does not do, it is controlled by the market of supply and demand. Whatever the wealth wants, they get through the support of the politicians and the party of the current president. From oil production to healthcare. The delusion in the eyes of the voters is placed there by the media, who compares the economy of the last president to the next chosen vessel.

Grocery and gas prices are not set by the president; nor is wages, healthcare cost, interest rates or student loans – which are the main expenses that bite into worker’s wages. These things are set by corporations run by wealthy people. The only things the government does under the president is establish a federal budget for the nation and deal with foreign policy.


We have been duped year after year, decade after decade believing that whoever is in office is responsible for our financial and family crises. This is a lie. A huge lie even bigger than the “big lie.”

For instance, in a report by Politico, “In a focus group last week, eight men of color who voted for President Joe Biden in 2020 were asked to describe their feelings about the economy. The answers were bleak. “Discouraged,” one said. “Pathetic,” complained another. “Pessimistic,” said a third.

The signs of dissatisfaction with Democrats didn’t end there. Respondents were also asked about the rise in crime and border issues. Democrats got zeros across the board. Perhaps most troubling of all, some respondents indicated that they preferred the economy under former President Donald Trump. “Our economy is the lowest it’s been in god knows how long,” said a Hispanic respondent who lives in New Jersey. “We keep [sending] money to Ukraine and other countries rather than helping ourselves.”

In the above example, notice how the respondents were asked about not only the economy – the most triggering topic asked to voters – but they were asked about the crime and the border. These additional topics are always thrown in with the economy, both of which are distractions away from the wealthy and their infiltration of the country’s politics, by lowering the bar to the everyday life of the working person. The Ukraine war is also on the agenda of the wealthy and feeds the military industrial complex and military contractors.

No where is it mentioned about the high rates of corporate profit over the last three quarters and how they are cashing in on working people’s labors while wages stagnate and household debt increases. The media is not allowed to talk about that. They are instructed to focus on the economy and which candidate will do more for the people. And people fall for this slight of hand every 4 years.

“All respondents were granted anonymity to speak freely. They discussed a range of topics, but chief among this group’s concerns was the economy.”

Not only is the discussion about the economy designed to divide the rich and the poor, but it is micro-focused on dividing the nation among racial lines, as seen in the Politico article. And again, we fall for it every time fulfilling the will of the wealthy to take the light off their exploitation of the masses.

Voting for president is not about choosing the best guy to make your life better, it is and always have been about camouflaging the greed of the wealthy and giving them everything they want at the expense and ignorance of the public.

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