Too many people seem to believe that a person who has been shot by police may have had it coming, regardless of the circumstances. There is no excuse for anyone to be ruthlessly murdered in situations that has not been proven with a fair trial, or at least a serious look into the situation.

When police kill people for no apparent reason and try to justify it using some code of the Rule of Law, it is a moral failure and erases the claim of America being a compassionate Christian nation. When the courts attempt to set free a rogue citizen after they have murdered someone based on a feeble excuse, the moral fabric of the country sinks deeper into evil.

Stealing a candy bar does not call for someone to be ruthlessly executed. Running from the police does not constitute the death penalty by fifty shots in the back, and neither does holding a metal object without knowing what the object is. Being mentally handicapped does not warrant being shot by police and killing someone who is clearly not a threat is an offense deserving of a long prison term.

Unfortunately, this trend is prevalent when a Black person is the victim. The insensitivity among certain people is astounding, but as the Bible says, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Matthew 24:12. The iniquity and abominations committed by America’s justice system against people of color has birthed a nation of soulless zombies.

This trend of public support for killing people can also be seen in wars in certain parts of the world. Massacring hundreds of thousands of people, such as in Gaza by Israel, has gotten worldwide backlash because of the cruelty and inhumanity behind it, but here in the US, more people turn a blind eye and rather believe those being killed must have had it coming.


Religious leaders and their members ignore this tragedy in domestic and foreign violence, even repeating the idea that maybe they had it coming. When this level of indifference begins to spill from the mouths of so-called pastors, we all know the US definition of Christianity is all a lie.

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