The framers of the Constitution assumed that we the people operate under good faith, and that no one would ever take advantage of that. But in an extreme episode of the Chickens Coming Home to Roost, judges have taken advantage of their lifetime roles and gone rogue.

From the Supreme Court to many lower courts, judges are circumventing the laws and precedence of the Constitution and clearly ruling on behalf of their favorite political candidate or their most profitable funders. Without regard for the will of the people or the rule of law or the good faith concept, these judges have opened the door to the chicken coop.

Lawyers for Donald Trump on Tuesday will ask the judge presiding over his classified documents case to prevent prosecutors from using evidence seized during an FBI search of his Florida estate and recordings made by one of his former attorneys.” This is a blatant sidestep from the rule of law in favor of a man who stole classified documents from the government.

People are calling for the removal of the judge that sits on this case because she is clearly delaying the case for the defendant. It is a sad and pathetic joke to watch the Supreme Court and others completely ignore long-standing precedence and go about it their own way, right in the face of the people. What s shame this country has become; a rogue, unjust, land of bigotry, tyranny and chaos.

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