From the looks of the 2016, 2020 and 2024 presidential campaigns, the Democrats have the right messages and policy agendas, but the wrong people running for the White House. If all the Democrat (or Republican) runners were melded down into one person who could beat MAGA and even win them over, that person would have to be a young Moderate Progressive working for policies the people actually want.

This person would have to be young, confident, and well-spoken. They cannot be afraid to speak the truth regardless of the consequences and speak policies that will win the hearts of the youth and those who long for economic relief. This means the young, old, any race or color all with the intensions of making the country spring forward in 21st century advancement. And they would attract all who are tired of working for greedy, old-school CEOs and shareholders.

Regardless of what the media presents as the best candidate based on polls, (we know they can get things extremely wrong), voters have to draw on the social and economic conditions of the country as a whole as the reason of what brought about the election of the 45th president in the first place.

Stagnant wages, increased debt, income inequality, high cost of health care, expensive wars and many other things that brought desperate voters to the polls in 2016. They rejected Hillary Clinton because she was a part of the establishment and people were tired of the Bush-Clinton dynasty. They do not want a Black president because that’s what pissed the haters off in the first place. Furthermore, in the condition the country is now, a woman president would be fought tooth and nail by the misogynistic MAGA crowd.

In 2016, many latched on to Progressive policy because they see the extreme changes promised to the country for the betterment of their own situation. The problem was, the wealthy bought the news media and they covertly eliminated Bernie Sanders during the 2016 midterms. Unfortunately, the other half of the populous bit their tongues and voted for Trump. Ironically, those who voted for Trump desired a change in guard and policies that would address economic frustration, but they did not consider the fact that though Trump promised those things, he would lie and never did deliver on a single promise.


Not to say that a Moderate Progressive could not win the presidency, but right now the nation (even MAGA voters), are looking for relief from staggering economic conditions and from high cost of everything. MAGA voters may possibly trade in their racist leader and Tiki Torches if they could have economic sovereignty, a president who actually cleaned Washington of corruption, and someone who could somehow quiet the turbulence of race hatred and return us back to normality and peace.

This person would have to bring the concept of Democratic Socialism (disguised as a Constitutional Republic) into the lives of the people in a way they can understand. He would have to explain in detail the difference between new age socialism and medieval socialism and show on paper how it would work for them and be a refreshing change from the oppression of old capitalism and good ole boy politics.

This person would have to be strong on foreign policy yet fair and reasonable toward other nations and not a constant bully or warmonger. They would have to reign in lawlessness, re-strengthen the Bill of Rights, balance the courts, organize immigration, challenge the pharmaceutical drug companies, create jobs out of renewable energy, and above all, listen to the people and not the corporations or the wealthy.

This younger Moderate Progressive could hold the line for years to come and appoint a predecessor in the wings that would follow through on many of the same policies. If this person does not come through for the country, say good bye to the America you once knew and say hello to a country doomed for hell. This one.

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