Who else has had it with undecided voters? These people add nothing to life but anxiety because everyone is supposed to watch and wait on them intently and hope and pray they side with the rest and pick their man. The media uses this drama up until the last minute before an election and turn the camera toward these self-centered people who obviously want attention from the world and to stage the largest Karen scene on earth.

Of course, the NYTs has a hand in this sad display of who wants their ass kissed the most, and prints a story, “Why This Group of Undecided Independent Voters Is Leaning Toward Trump.” This is such an obvious use of propaganda and a play on the most idiotic words and lack any professional political journalism. Them, and many other mainstream media, are the champions of interviewing the undecided voter’s ass.

If it takes four years for someone to make up their mind…! These people are an extremely poor judge of character if they have to wait until the last day of an election to cast a ballot for either of TWO people. How doubleminded and easily persuaded are these people that it takes them four freaking years to see if they like a candidate?

It does not matter who the candidates are. Apparently, these people are on some sort of list that mainstream media uses to call and pucker up to in order to have something to print the next day. They wait on this call like their opinion is going to make any difference to the national vote. This is such a time-wasted bunch of reality politics that there should be a law against people who have not decided who they are going to vote for until election night.

“Well, I need to know if the candidate has my best interest at heart,” or “I have kids and shop for groceries and I need to know which candidate is going to be best for my family anxieties.” To hell with the rest of the voting electorate, my problem needs special attention from the mainstream media and the rest of the waiting world for my lone, self-centered decision.


Just stop!

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