It is absolutely sad to watch perfectly good people go to waste and fall into the abyss of the MAGA movement. Like watching a tantrum of a child so desperate for attention and the ability to control the parent that they will resort to the most foolish of antics below the level of embarrassing themselves.

These cannot be real people; they must be a protype of a bad production of some dystopian movie based on ‘what would happen if’ type psychopathological imagination. No one can be this stupid or self-destructive. This backward on the basic concepts of life and natural law. Even the Supreme Courts are like, super dumb people, hell bent on destruction of society.

For instance, the X-produced cartoon called “The New Norm,” is a desperate cry for attention embracing every stereotype imagined in today’s culture wars. It is totally embarrassing. It is a knock off of the “All in the Family” 70s sitcom taking the sides of conservatives in their imagined culture wars, starring – wait for it – Elon Musk.

Then there are the trailer park community weighing in on what they think of the 45th president, i.e. the new antichrist, and how much they love and worship him in place of Jesus Christ. These people live on a daily dose of conspiracy theories and Fox News talking points and lack the skills of critical thinking. Often interviewed by left wrong influencers who waste their time talking to people who hate them and have no understanding of facts and research. These people think when the stock market is up, it helps those in poverty and trailer parks.

Then there are the so-called educated conservative elites who have graduated private universities but despise the university systems because they believe the professors are communist, Marxist out to indoctrinate the country with woke ideology. Make that make sense. How can you parade a diploma and get a job peddling propaganda yet hate the people who gave you the diploma? They are the ones professionally peddling propaganda they learned from the university.


Lastly there are the wealthy class who either kiss the ring of the 45th president in hopes of gaining recognition or desire to bring down the system that regulates their wealth. They do not actually care one way or another about the policies of their man, they just want the money and prestige. It is a free-for-all of greed and disrespect of the working class. This also, is a sad and pathetic waste of human beings.

Conservative think tanks, super PACS, hedge fund managers, Wall Street wolves, down to small businesspeople, the money class supports this man because they want money, not because they believe in his policies or think he is smart, brave, or fiscally responsible, they only use him in their greed and their lust for foreign resources.

Those pledging their vote to the 45th president are people who do not actually have any interest in bettering America or building a strong country; they are looking for power and dominance over other people because they are a weak people with wounded egos. There are hateful white men gathering to prepare for a race war against innocent people because their self-esteem is so low, they have to cry and scream in the streets carrying flags and guns to get any attention. They look like fools because they are the only ones doing this for no legitimate damn reason.

The hate that founded America is the same hate people are seeing today in the conservative politicians, the bigoted social media influencers, and the white street gangs, vigilantes, and Karens roaming the streets and terrorizing Black people. This is the lowest, and most ignorant form of patriotism America has shown in 150 years.

The Christian majority are the worse because they claim to be followers of the Messiah yet have sold their souls to the one who is antithetical to salvation, righteousness, and truth. No one will hear their sermons or religious advice because we all know they are hypocrites and liars. God will not hear their prayers because they take His name in vain and pass their prayers off every time someone, even children, are killed by gun violence.

The 45th president is not smart. He is an actor who adlibs every situation and listens to whatever other people say. He is a follower and not a leader. He does not have an original thought but copy and paste hate from computer screens and bumper stickers. As empty and shallow as this man is, his supporters are emptier and shallower than he. No one should take them seriously.

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