A huge hole has been opened up to the inside workings of the major gatekeepers in American society. Via mass levels of information opened to the public and the Internet acting as a massive network for public discussion, politicians, the mass media, and corporations have been exposed as working more in cahoots with each other than for the American people.

The last presidential debate was a pathetic show of incompetence and propaganda displayed by the two-party system, confirming what most people were starting to believe over the years, that the political system is broken and in need of serious reform. We now know they lie and mislead in addition to what their true interest are as opposed to what they should be doing as public servants of the people.

Foreign affairs take a bulk of US dollars under the guise of homeland security and leave the infrastructure and domestic needs of the country unattended. A government takeover is in the waiting as one of the major parties have made it their business to enforce an agenda on the people regardless of the people’s policy choices. This reveals that the interests of the people are not top priority to either of the political parties.

The policies are apparently being tailored for the benefit of corporations according to written agendas and government spending. Military contracts, gun manufacturers, private businesses in healthcare, education, and religion are benefitting more from policy agendas than the people. The people are left struggling with the high cost of fuel, food, healthcare and debt instead of the promise of prosperity and freedom constantly being sworn by politicians.

The mass media, who are suppose to report to the people what the government is doing to help the citizenry, have clearly taken sides in the political wars and being paid by corporations to repeat misleading talking points that influence the people to believe a utopian vision of a society not functioning properly.


Eventually, the people will have to turn the tables as radically as the three gatekeepers have done to the people, which is a massive work stoppage followed by a nationwide march against the government, the media and many corporations. The fallout will have consequences in the daily lives of the people, but it will have an even larger impact on the three gatekeepers, who will lose their leverage of lies, disinformation, and exploitation of working families.

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