With all due respect to the Euro/white brothers and sisters who have not been fully infected, racism is a trait in people that should be seriously researched and analyzed as a form of a mental disorder and as a defect in human decency. In its many forms, whether as a subtle, unconscious comment, a joke, or an intentional insult, racism goes deeper than just words, but delves into a darker form of the psychotic practices of violence and relentless torture of its victims to the level of murder without conscience.

Society seems to have gotten used to racism because it is so deeply ingrained into American society that we almost expect it on some form or another. However, whether subconsciously or consciously, racism reveals a deep-seated malfunction contrary to human decency and humane treatment of others and has become so common that people practice racism as a practical expression of privilege and as a badge of honor. It has been written into laws and policies as a way of showing its influence toward the victims. The scary part is it is treated with some sort of justifiable silent innocence.

The root of racism is based on a supreme lie contrived by any people in search of cultural world dominance. No culture is beyond the practice of racism and discrimination toward other cultures, but one such culture of people has perfected it throughout history, which is the European culture and the idea that the white race is superior to all other cultures of the world. Superior meaning that white people believing they are above normal in intellect, beauty, and civility. All racist people possess the base lie in the characteristic of racism, which bleeds one or more of the characteristics below.

Superiority Complex – This psychological complex is embedded from birth, deeply into the minds of many white people around the world, throughout history. They have been propagandized and convinced that every other culture in the world does not have the qualities and capabilities they have pertaining to intellect, beauty or civility. They have been taught to look down on other cultures as beneath them in the above characteristics, which means they truly believe that other cultures are intellectually impaired, not as beautiful, and are inherently uncivilized and lack any traits of goodness; and are incapable of learning except through them.

Cultural Ignorance – White people who possess the Superiority Complex consciously (and subconsciously) undermine and devalue all other cultures of the world regardless of historical facts and recorded evidence to the contrary. They have learned to detract from history, replace other culture’s history with their own, and to hide facts and evidence of other cultural achievements and advancements. They have also found a way to brand themselves into ancient discoveries, text, and many historical events. They refuse to fully acknowledge facts and documents of other cultures and the ones they do acknowledge; they have stolen for themselves and have locked in museums under heavy security.


Many whites that disregard the history of other cultures have never really had any real experiences with those cultures but believe only what they have been told about them. They lack the desires and motivation to learn for themselves or try to understand the traditions and cultural traits of other nations other than their own. This conscious cultural ignorance in fact, highlights their own intellectual short comings for that obvious reason, which makes them incapable of relating to any other culture other than their own, or acknowledging the humanity of others and their achievements. It is very difficult for them to believe other cultures have advanced or can survive without them.

Hate – From their Cultural Ignorance flows an inherent hate for other cultures based on pure ignorance and misinformation. They turn their heads backward to learning or knowing other cultures and practice what they have been taught, which is to show indifference towards or hate people that are not white. Even when they do learn about other cultures, they refuse to acknowledge them as full human beings as compared to what they have been told about themselves. In fact, their minds cannot comprehend anything otherwise because they have not been taught the ability to consider.

This hate never ceases to manifest itself into violence, indifference toward the humanity of other cultures, and their lands, families and civilizations. They have been told that if the nation is not a white nation, that nation should be controlled by whites and they then give themselves the rights to take the lands, enslave or colonize the peoples of that land, and afterward treat them as non-human or as subjects. However, if the other nation can withstand their attacks, they are then subject to constant threats and intimidation. All the resources of the native lands are listed for future occupation or become property of whites and the indigenousness people are forced to pay tribute to whites for their own resources.

Arrogance – The arrogance it takes for a people to grow and evolve into the above characteristics is not only an abomination to the creator of all humanity, and an obvious insult to the historical development of humanity as a whole, but it takes the mind of a psychopathological people to continue to believe in this fraudulent power, teach it to their children, and use it as a bases for their existence. The arrogance fills their minds with a self-centered approach to any people as potential threats to their existence and to be kept at bay and thwarted for advancement beyond them.

This level of arrogance enables them to do and say whatever they want to and about other cultures and not have the slightest conscious toward the consequences or how it affects the being of the others. Their consciouses are seared and non-existent like a blank slate and leaves them as a soulless people without empathy, compassion, and not an ounce of humanity. This lack of humanity on their part is why they can induce violence on an entire nation using torture, murder, and other inhumane tactics of unmerciful force on men, women, and children. To them, all nations other than white ones deserve conquering, peonage or death. They take pride in this characteristic of themselves; the ability to kill and subjugate others without conscience.

Extreme Jealousy – Jealousy is a trait in white people that drives them to attempt to eliminate other cultures. They cannot stand the fact that other people not white have thought of or acted upon any civilized inventions, ideas or philosophies and knowledge that they themselves do not understand or did not contrive. If a nation begins to develop or have developed beyond white capability, they find it in themselves to destroy that nation or sidetrack them toward underdevelopment. They will use any and every means necessary to harm that nation; disease, war, medical experimentation, chemical destruction or worse. Jealousy has driven whites to burn other cultural cities, towns, and nations and caused them to steal and loot what others have built up and achieved. This is definitely a mental disorder out of control and has no roots in civility or normal levels of sanity.

Revelry – White people love when they destroy and disrupt other nations. They take pride in the destruction and suffering of others not white and are relentless in keeping that people beneath their feet in ways of nonstop oppression. They take great pleasure in seeing other humans suffer at their hands and to know that it is in fact their hands that is causing the suffering. This mentality is known as diabolical behavior not unlike barbarianism, and is not on the level of human conduct, but of an animalistic behavior. They are blood thirsty, hard pressed for vengeance, and get self-satisfying thrills from hurting others and seeing them hurt.

Maliciousness – Their hearts are malicious by nature, meaning, they have no human understanding of mercy, kindness or compassion and are quick to turn to violence when they do not get their way. They turn malicious when other cultures do not bend to their demands, accept their terms, or submit to their laws, policies or psychopathological desires. They constantly devise schemes and plots to take control without interruption of their own lives. They think and plan when others are sleeping, and they are driven by the force of madness and cruelty, which are documented in their laws and judicial rulings.

Strife and Wrath – White people never cease to enable strife, confusion, and chaos into everyday life. They are never comfortable with the concept of peace and constantly seek to break peace, disturb the natural order of things, to become the center of attention. They are demanding of respect without earning it and they expect other cultures to look to them for answers even though their solutions involve only what is in their best interest and not the interest of any others. They are known to initiate conflict for no reason and then turn and claim innocence when they are clearly guilty of crimes against humanity.

Variance – The determination to be different from other cultures is their goal. They seek debate and to be at odds with any other ideas about life, society, and government rule to their own advantage. Any concepts outside of what they are thinking and practicing is determined as evil, undoable, and sometimes uncivilized; regardless of its legitimacy. They will delete a good idea in spite of its value just to exalt one of their own ideas even though their idea is destructive to humanity. They will go as far as to steal other’s ideas and brand it with their own labels and they will undermine the achievements of others knowing damn well they have been outdone.

Racist Euro/white people are a people devoid of accountability to any higher being or Supreme creator. They have disannulled this idea and resorted to themselves beings the supreme beings on earth and have no problem initiating their rules on all the earth. They claim a god to the heavens and hell but have no fear of hell and no regard for the heavens. They have convinced themselves that there are no repercussions for their acts of inhumanity and have taken the role of god, the maker and taker of human life.

Racism is dangerous and fills a dark void that we have taken for granted. It runs deep into the occult and into the realms of evil and satanic principles. Hate, murder, and all manner of inhumanity lives and thrives in the hearts and minds of racist people and manifest itself in the behavior of white men, women and children. All so innocent they claim, but their motives are as devious, harmful and antithetical to all that is good and decent on earth, in heaven and hell.

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