This phrase is mainly heard coming out of the mouths of religious and Republican leaders about the coming election and who will control the country afterward. They are trying to convince voters that the opposing party, the Democrats, are the evil ones and they are the good ones. This approach is classic, elementary propaganda.

In other words, if the voter votes for the Democrats, they must be on the side of evil leaving them with the only option of voting for the good side, the Republicans. Anyone who falls for this type propaganda has given over control of their own critical thinking skills to demagoguery and thought control.

Neither political party are in a place to call the other evil and to claim the label of divine good. The logic behind the Republican choice of good and evil is because they consider the Democrats as evil because they believe in abortion and homosexuality, which are both condemned by the Bible. However, they neglect to judge themselves and their sins against humanity, which would count them out as being the good choice also.

The blindness to their own sinfulness of hate and race discrimination, selfishness, greed, and neglect of the poor would place them in the same boat as the Democrats as evil. The hypocrisy is astounding and there are simply no more words to describe how ludicrous they sound when they offer the public a choice of throwing stones while they hide their own hands.

God is no respect of persons when it comes to who is committing the greatest sin. Sin is sin and all fall short of the glory of God. This is nothing more than propaganda and a childish attempt to persuade people to hate those they hate and believe their own agenda would fulfill the goodness of God. This is all lies.


Goodness comes through actual acts of doing good, not claiming good. People can see with their own eyes who is who and can make up their own minds on who is evil and who is good. The broad, general accusations against and entire group of people is dangerous, self-righteous, and reveals the devilish game of deception.

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