Why people vote for politicians that continue to crush the working class is not even a mystery. It is a fact that conservative politicians conspiring with the justice system weigh heavy against the interest of the working family.

In a recent ruling, “A federal judge in Texas temporarily halted a plan by the Biden administration to lower late fees on credit cards to $8 that was slated to go into effect next week. The new regulations that were proposed by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would have set a ceiling of $8 for most credit card late fees or require banks to show why they should charge more than $8 for such a fee.”

As the current administration tries to help working families, the opposing side continues to use the justice system to squash the push to get ahead financially and keep people indebt to big banks and credit card companies.

The hard part is the judge gave no reason the fees should not be reduced, but made an excuse based on court proceedings, which is just another easy cop out. “While Pittman did impose the injunction, he used a significant portion of his order to chastise the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for sending this case back to him after he had already ruled that the case should be handled out of Washington. Critics of the lawsuit have called the case the latest example of judicial “forum shopping,” where a company files a lawsuit in a friendly district in order to have a greater likelihood of getting a favorable ruling.”

This is why the people cannot seem to get ahead. When there is a president or politician that tries to help the people, uninformed voters continue to vote for those who are against giving relief.


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