Scientist and pharmaceutical companies have found remedies and therapies for many kinds of illnesses, physical and physiological, from cancer to leukemia to depression, bipolarism, and even schizophrenia; yet the only drug humanity has found to be effective enough to curb or improve any emotionally embedded senses such as honesty, courage, or other emotional traumas like anger and heartbreak, is alcohol.

Through research, science has discovered that many physical and physiological ailments stem from diet and the foods we eat, in addition to some mental ailments that stem from past trauma such as PTSD, hyperactivity in children and even some relating as far back as childhood trauma and experiences. These traumas cause neurological impairments to our brains setting off a lifetime of uncharacteristic behavior.

Nevertheless, science have found remedies that curb these traumas and reduce the effects over time, and eventually dissipate the problem all together; but progress in the emotional area is limited because of man’s limited understanding of the human soul, which is the seat of the emotions.

There are endless television commercials that advertise pharmaceutical drugs for both physical and psychological illnesses, unfortunately, these drugs are meant to sustain or reduce the ailments and keep the patient dependent. One drug act as an elixir to another and both end up building upon a different illness, that needs an additional drug to combat its effect.

Regrettably, drugs have been forced upon American society to an alarming rate. People are in possession of numerous prescriptions for various ailments to a ridiculous extent. Therefore, if this physical and neurological science project has become a reality for Americans, when will the drug companies seriously research and introduce prescription coverage to a drug that alters the emotional ailments of people, such as racism, hatred, jealousy, lust, and other deeper, emotional problems that plague society?


Could it be that science rely on the deeper emotional triggers of life that traumatize people into unstable mental and emotional states of mind and keep them hooked on unhealthy foods, illegal drugs, and destructive lifestyles? Or could it be that science simply cannot advance pass the deeper forces of childhood mental and emotional disturbances such as being taught hate, resistance, and violence?

If a drug can calm and neutralize the effects of hyperactivity in children and make them docile and focused, or mentally stabilize a war veteran, then certainly it is possible to alter the mind of someone who is pumped full of hate and bigotry toward others. Hate and racism are emotions driven by constant indoctrination over a period of time. Is science looking for a cure? Or are they content with the chaos it brings?

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