Racism is a mixture of fear (of the other), hate, and ignorance of the blueprint of humanity and seems to have deep-seated roots in the operation of American society. From the founding of this country, race has played a major part in the social structure of class, rights, and individual privilege.

Though class can be used as an explanation to inequality, poverty, and individual rights, the class structure in this country is largely based on race and skin color. And to ignore that simple fact lends to the ignorance factor of racism; and a denial of reality.

There is no legitimate argument, such as hard work and grit, as to why white Americans enjoy the fruit of this nation’s social and economic benefits above any other race of people other than the exploitation of race. People who use this argument are in fact delusional and are those who embody fear, hate, and ignorance as a soul.

It is apparent that white people are afraid that the people whom they have abused during the founding of this country and around the world will someday rise up and take vengeance. It is apparent that because of this fear, they hate the fact that this possibility looks them in the eyes everyday when they run across any other race of people from their dark and violent past.

It is apparent that whites have taken full advantage of the power that weapons of war have given them to protect against their fears, no matter how delusional those fears may be. No one, Blacks or other people of other cultures and countries are planning an all-out revolt and mass murder of whites in the world. Nevertheless, through mass media propaganda, this delusion is driven into their minds everyday by those who fear this possibility the most.


Sadly, paranoia has driven most white people to hate those they believe want to harm them, take from them what they believe they have earned but have actually extorted, or possibly kill them in their immediate presence.  These are people who have locked themselves into a bubble of paranoia and therefore have lost the ability to consider the possibility that none of these things are true.

They have given up on the fact that any people of color are just normal, hardworking people like themselves and would just as well be left alone to make a living and raise their families. They cannot see beyond their suburban and rural homes and comprehend that there are millions, even billions of people in the world who are people of color who have no desire to harm them or take what is theirs. And this is the epitome of ignorance.

The inability to meet and speak to someone other than your own race and treat them with respect has escaped the minds of fearful whites because they have been brainwashed by their most fearful masters to be afraid, be very afraid of those who do not look like them or have their level of privilege.

They have attempted to turn the tables and apply the label of racism to people of color and claim victimhood against them, not realizing that fear, hate, and ignorance is what separates them from people of color they claim are the racist. The only fear people of color live under is the fear that some white person will feel the empowerment from white privilege and kill them in a fit of ignorance, for simply existing and not being white.

For anyone to look at another human being of another race and hate them just for that reason is inhumane and reveals the uttermost supremacy of ignorance. This in itself reduces any badge of honor for being white into a disgraceful show of unintelligence and a lack of human decency.

Therefore, being proud to shoot people of color, beat them, disenfranchise them from society, shut them out, berate, humiliate, and abuse them is not an honor of being white and privileged; it is a sure sign of being at the top of the human food chain in terms of fearfulness, hate, and ignorance.

Laws are being written based on fear, hate, and ignorance in a shameful show of white pride, power and privilege. Politicians, social gatekeepers, and even religious leaders are waving their whiteness around cloaked in hatred and cruelty; and are proud of their accomplishments under the guise of group camaraderie.

These people are publicly acknowledging their bigotry not realizing that the world can see their ignorance and fear and are shaking their heads in disgust, and not in agreement. Racist white people do not look supreme or intelligent in their behavior; they look like fools who lack the basic understanding of humanity and social development.

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