No matter how many text messages and emails are sent between a new couple or friendship, it will never take the place of that face-to-face conversation. So much more can be revealed and understood when two people actually converse.

No matter how sexualized society becomes with entanglements and infidelity in relationships, no one can resist a spouse who loves them and will ride and die with them. It has a charm that the changing times cannot erase.

A good old home-cooked meal will never die to the fast food and restaurant dining because the intimacy of the home and family, and the smell coming from the kitchen beats a crowded restaurant when real bonding matters.

We can take advantage of all the new technology and new age socialization avenues but overall, it all comes down to who will be there for you when you actually need them. Genuine personal bonding is a needed attribute in the psyche and soul of all humans. The family bond of children and parents, siblings, and close friends can never be replaced with technology and followers.

We psyche ourselves into thinking we do not need personal contact or spouses or friends or family, but there will always be someone outside in the world that a person will desire to have around them for the comfort, company, or the closeness.


The time spent with close ones on a cross country road trip or an in-person family meeting will always be more valuable than facetime or a zoom meeting. Nothing can replace the real aspect of the mental and emotional needs that all people need to function day to day. Because the expression on a face or body gestures are gold when understanding who you are dealing with.

The pride felt within a traditional family of father, mother, and children will always be more powerful and natural than a family put together by new social standards made up of strays from around the community. Not to say friendships cannot be strong, but there is nothing more satisfying than knowing the bloodline continues strong and healthy.

We try hard to fight against traditional values and the old fashion lifestyle, but nature has chosen this life and there is no denying it regardless of how many alternative changes are introduced into society. Human contact and intimacy are a desire of the soul.

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