They talk the talk but are extremely far from walking it. So-called preachers and teachers of God’s word could care less about debt forgiveness. They are more enthused about standing behind the people who hold and profit from the debt; big businesses.

They do not support legislation that offers student loan forgiveness or medical debt deletion, they instead vote for the people who deny both. They believe the Bible is a tough love outline to life and that only the strongest survive, or those who are predestine for God’s favor (who in their eyes happen to be wealthy and white). They do not care about what the scriptures say about debt forgiveness.

“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” Matthew 6:12.

These people are liars, greedy, thieves. The kind that Jesus spoke against and who set up money-changing tables in the synagogues. They live lavish lives while the average working person and church goer can barely pay their bills because of debt.

In a recent report, higher education and medical debt is crushing Americans, but church leaders are crying about homosexuals and transgender people, not giving a damn about the rest of a society struggling against oppression and economic inequality.


“Higher education institutions and hospital systems are similar in many ways. Both provide people with vital services. Both anchor local economies and communities. And unfortunately, both too often leave people in debt.

While the politics of debt forgiveness differs markedly between higher education and health care, both sectors urgently need pragmatic approaches to addressing the high prices that lead to widespread indebtedness.

Approximately 45 million Americans have student loan debt, compared to 100 million who have medical or dental debt. Student debt loads tend to be larger. Half of student loan borrowers owe $20,000 or less, whereas half of people with medical or dental debt owe $2,500 or less.

Student debt forgiveness has been marked by controversy. The federal government holds about 92 percent of all student loan debt, and the Biden administration lost a Supreme Court case in June 2023 over his attempt to forgive $400 billion in debt. The Department of Education subsequently used other regulatory mechanisms to wipe away $127 billion in debt, but Biden faces legal challenges to further loan forgiveness.

One-third of Americans oppose forgiving federal loans for people with “excessive” student loan debt, including half of Republicans but only 14 percent of Democrats. Opposition to forgiving student loans seems to hinge on the belief that there should be no “free lunch,” or that people who choose to earn a degree should not get those economic benefits for free. People who attain a degree indeed earn about one million dollars more in their lifetimes than those who do not attain degrees.”…READ MORE

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