Of course, people of like cultures congregate together in public spaces. The work place, schools, and even churches, it is a natural reaction. The problem comes in when people are forced into cultural spaces based on race and income level by those who believe themselves to be superior.

In light of the Brown vs Board case of school segregation back in 1954, nothing much has changed in the US even though laws were put in place to disband forced segregation. People will find ways around the law to maintain their self-righteousness autonomy.

“Racial segregation in schools across the country has increased dramatically over the last three decades, according to two new reports and an Axios review of federal data.

The resegregation of America’s public schools coincides with the rise of charter schools and school choice options, and as civil rights groups have turned away from desegregation battles.

Analyzing data from U.S. public schools going back to 1967, a Stanford and the University of Southern California study found that segregation between white and Black students has increased by 64 percent since 1988 in the 100 largest districts.


The number of intensely segregated schools, defined as schools that are 90-100% nonwhite students, nearly tripled from 1988 to 2021, according to the UCLA analysis of federal data.

“The researchers might instead focus on why white families move from neighborhoods and pull their children out of schools when too many Black, Brown or low-income kids start showing up. When we try to integrate, they leave.”

Businesses, schools and even churches remain segregated in many ways despite the racial diversity of the country. Whites have even resorted to protesting that they are being discriminated against; a long cry from Jim Crow laws of the fifties.

As long as whites continue to perpetuate the false notion of superiority over other cultures, there will always be a form of forced segregation. Laws are continually being proposed and enforced that will keep it that way for years to come. They say they are color blind, but in reality, many are as racist as they were 70 years ago.

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