People dispute the existence of God and mock the concept of religion and Christianity altogether. But if you cannot see what is happening in this country and how the forces of good are warring against evil, you are in serious denial and likely bound for Hell.

The spiritual warfare is between good and evil, truth and lie, and war and peace, i.e., God and Satan. All these things are happening right before our eyes and cellphone screens, yet people still refuse to see the spirituality involved.

We have a faction of people who neglect any biblical virtues spoken of by the Christian Savior, Jesus Christ and who resort back to Old Testament times to bring forth an eye for an eye justice system. Vengeance and retribution, through promises of violence and injustice. But there are protesters around the world shouting for justice and peace.

There are people lying through their teeth about an election which has caused governors and political leaders to propose and pass laws that are founded on this lie, even after the courts ruled it a lie. Yet the highest court has turned its face from a full-blown riot and will possibly excuse its agitator. And the media stands aside through it all. But people know they are all liars and demand truth.

Then there are people itching to pull triggers and kill whoever they deem an enemy despite what the gospel says about loving their neighbors and forgiving their enemies. And there are people who push war and bombing campaigns throughout the world and who are literally without conscience, mercilessly killing innocent people, women and children. And the world council demands they be arrested. If this does not speak to a person’s sense of god consciousness, nothing will.


There are large multi-billion dollar corporations gouging working people stealing their hard-earned wages based on the love of money, the root of all evil. They are arming children and teachers, inviting mass shootings and turning away women with dying children inside them from emergency rooms, causing a trail of death wherever they lay their laws. People are sadden by all this and know there is a better way.

Look at a more microscopic view of the current news. A major trial based on rape, a society rampant of sexual immorality and exploitation, inordinate affections toward same sex, children, and helpless females. And not to mention the massive number of professing Christians who stand behind silent, to all the evil going forth without regard to what their bible teaches. People can now see who is real and who is not.

This is an end time for sure and all who see what is happening in a twilight zone beyond our comprehension and still deny that God is near, says a lot about the mental state of the people living in this country. Too many people are in denial and will suffer the consequences of a very troubling time to come.

The devil is real. God is real and He sees all this yet has His hand stretched out to anyone who will seek peace in Him. “In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 6:33. Go to Acts 2:38. Always remember; Satan is the father of lies. John 8:44.

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