The government has overreached into the lives of parents and families for decades and have sown political, legal and social chaos into the lives of ordinary people. As a result, parents have willingly given over rights and freedoms to government and have lazily neglected to take responsibility for their children and their own lives and left certain task in the hands of government officials who are indifferent toward family matters.

Parents and families are to teach their offspring about intimate life lessons, and the government, as in schools and colleges, should teach children about the general basics of life in society such as the three Rs, history of the country and world, and respect for government laws and ordinances. Although, parents still have the responsibility of making sure the government remains in check and vice versa, and that no overreach on either part becomes too common.

Below are five things’ parents and families are responsible for instead of leaving it to the government:

  1. Teaching their children about sex education
  2. Teaching their children about God or religion
  3. Solving marital issues
  4. Solving child rearing issues
  5. Developing a solid work ethic

The government should not have the responsibility of teaching children about sex, gender or personal identity. Not everyone’s idea of sex education is the same. Sex education is not universal and is a private, personal topic that follows behind the values of the family and should not be regulated by public opinion formed by a government panel.

Homosexuality, for instance, is a personal issue that should be taught about by parents and not regulated by government. If parents do not want their children involved in homosexual activity, they should teach their children about it so not as to have to fight against government about the issue.


Religion is a personal, family belief system and not to be enforced by a government entity. The same reasons as sex education apply, that not everyone believes the same thing and should be free to choose how and who they pray to. Values about treatment of other people should be taught by parents and if the child has trouble adapting to society, only the parent can be blamed and not the government.

Marital issues are also private and should not be interfered with by government, courts, lawyers or agencies that have the authority to decide whether two people are compatible or if parents are capable of raising their child. This should not be a government responsibility that usually ends in court ordered financial mandates, jail or prison time, but decided by a system specialized in handling interpersonal marital issues, such as a medicating system comprised of people who understand the intimacies of marriage.

Child rearing issues also, should be handled by people who have actually raised children and not by people who have no clue how to relate to children and their needs. Children should not be taken from parents but the family should be counseled and helped if at all possible. If they lack material or social needs, they can always be trained to correct themselves, instead of being punished under the indifferent and regimented guidelines of government orders.

A work ethic as well as social skills and respectable citizenship are taught by parents. However, government systems can be designed to intermingle family values with responsible citizenship on developing responsible citizens to integrate with others and become productive in a social and work environment. High schools and higher education institutes should blend the work ethic of family values and the expectations of government and corporate responsibility into a system that works for all without invading personal freedoms and rights.

If parents and families continue to give over their responsibilities to the government, a nation based on such confusion will end in what the United States have become today; a country of bitter and hostile legal battles for personal freedoms and individual responsibility. The government and courts have too much say into the personal lives of parents and families.

Unfortunately, however, the push for limited government is leading to corporate governing of the society instead, and people eventually becoming the individual subjects of corporations. This leaves the lessons of life to individual corporation culture and places families at the mercy of a small few who can manipulate the social landscape to favor their corporate culture, without government regulation. This can end badly as we can now see that when corporations rule the day, the people are overworked, stressed and financially squeezed without recourse and become perpetually indebted to the wealthy.

More respect must be afforded to the family. Social and political groups must advocate for freedoms and rights unfettered by government and corporate invasion. We have become our own problem when we willingly give over our freedoms and rights to entities larger and more impersonal than the family unit.

The family is the backbone of society and raising children is the vanguard of the future. If we are bound by the laws of political regimes and corporate servitude, the nation as a whole will lose its most valuable asset, which is the strength of true liberty.

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