To avoid religious overtones and to rationalize with the unbeliever, we will take the next most believable entities of life, good vs. evil, and summarize the last 15 years of life in America, and world, to explain how divine intervention has reshaped the foundation of America. With this basic premise, “the love of money is the root of all evil,” 1 Timothy 6:10, we can easily see who is good and who is evil. It is that simple.

Using a more realistic parameter that many people should understand, politics will be our measuring tool to gauge how good and evil are driving opinions, cultural movements, and voting trends; and how these define our lives from working to raising our families.

What people believe and how they live motivates them to choose leaders that represent what they want out of life and what they believe would either help or hinder others with opposing views. For instance, from a micro-level, the two-party system in politics represent what people believe and how they feel the country should be run. However, this is only a narrow view of life.

From a macro-level, God is watching the country and sees more than what the average human can see. Humans have a selfish view of the world around them and tend to lean toward what policies they feel will benefit them in the short term and not how the policy can restructure the country in the distant future. We live in a reactionary system that moves slow along the lines of political change.

The battle comes between two trains of thought, respectively; good and evil, rich and poor, and war and peace. These attributes tend to determine the voting preferences and beliefs of people. In the camp of people, there are those who are wealthy and those who are poor. Those who are good and those who are evil, and those who exploit the benefits of war and those who desire to live in peace.


A timeline of good vs evil in America:

• Evil: The two-party system produced two family dynasties: The Clintons and Bushes, 1988-2016
• Good: In 2016 the people were fed up and wanted relief
• Evil: The wealthy intervened to protect their wealth and introduced the culture wars
• Good: A virus shut down the country and disrupted the wealthy’s plans and profits
• Evil: The wealthy fought back and raised prices
• Good: It’s God’s turn now

To break down these events further, let us look at the circumstances of the country before the presidential election of 2016. At the time, there was public weariness of the dynasty regimes that ran the country for decades. The Clinton and the Bush regimes. The people had gotten tired of the two families ruling the country and saw we needed a change from establishment politics and favors for the wealthy.

From the fatigue, there arose two opposing political ideologies from the people, progressiveness and strongman government, represented by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. One represented the overwhelming desires of the people for the country to pass legislation that helped the people come out from under the strongholds of overbearing corporations (that had been rescued financially under the Obama administration).

The other viewpoint arose that represented a view of holding on to the wealth and power the two former family dynasties held, and, on a more cultural level, the religious convictions of another faction of the public that resented the new laws of homosexual marriage.

Those two families made many people wealthy with political policies that weakened tax laws and gave leniency to corporations in terms of deregulation of environmental laws and the ability to escape accountability for exploiting human labor. Unfortunately, both voting blocks were being affected by corporate greed.

The people wanted help for the working class and to regulate the inequality of wealth. They wanted better healthcare – proven by the acceptance of the Affordable Care Act – and they wanted less debt, lower interest rates, and more affordable education, medical insurance, a break on working hours, more pay raises to meet the cost of living, and more time off for family life. They also wanted political accountability for politicians in Congress and the Senate, and wanted representatives that would reign in corporate power in terms of influencing politicians to pass laws in favor of their interest only, i.e., draining the swamp they saw as corrupting the entire system.

When the time came to vote for what they wanted, two things went horribly wrong. And God saw these things and intervened when the time came. First, a majority of Americans, especially the young, saw a break in life through the campaign of Bernie Sanders; a progressive politician who threatened the corporate power structure and promised relief for the people, the working family.

Many people on both sides saw this and gravitated toward Sanders because they were tired of living pay-check to pay-check and seeing their jobs go overseas because of corporate greed. These two factions made up the representation of the desires of the American people. Unfortunately, the wealthy did not like this uprising and decided to intervene in the most diabolical way.

Second, the wealthy introduced someone who they knew would thwart the desires of one of the two factions and instead appeal to their deepest, darkest evils, which was racism. Afterward, the plan to divide the country through culture wars came into fruition. This plan was by no mistake, formulated by the wealthy who refused to let go of the gains in power they had made over the years from the Bush/Clinton dynasties.

This brought on the destruction of Sanders by the Clinton regime as they pushed Sanders out of the primaries to give the power back to the Clinton family. The wealthy was ok with this because they saw a threat to their profits in Sanders. Also, because the people rejected both the establishment two-party system of Jeb Bush (along with the other Republican campaigners) and Hillary Clinton, the wealthy knew their profits were at risk and saw an opportunity to bring in Trump as a stooge, empowered with racism and division.

The other side of the voting block was blind-sided and fell hook line and sinker into a promise to reverse the country back to a time when they had power over all the people they hated. So, the introduction of the culture wars deeply and psychologically deceived the other half, the racist half, of the voting block. They were hoodwinked into trading their personal security and prosperity for a chance at unfettered racism.

This chess move by the wealthy set American progression back 50 years, economically and socially because half of the country could not see that they had thrown away a chance for a better life under a more people-friendly government system. Instead, they choose the hard way which has led to the current state of political division and revolution.

God saw this confusion and made His move. Whether the virus was man-made or not, it came to disrupt the plans of the wealthy and to dismantle the Trump administration. The effects of the virus opened the door to relief for the people as it was revealed that the medical system was flawed, people were underpaid and the government rescue plan helped millions, working conditions were based on servitude, (medical staff, teachers, office and service workers) and the truth was capitalist corporations were exploiting working people, their wages and their time. More workers saw the benefits of unionizing.

In retaliation, the wealthy took it upon themselves to enact vengeance and raised prices and the cost of living to regain what they had lost in the pandemic. They resorted to forcing people back into the office even after the world had discovered that work can be done from home instead of being locked in cubicles all day under the micromanagement of corporate stooges. They went a step further and hiked gas, food, utilities and housing rates as high as they could in an act of sheer vengeance and exploitation. But God saw this also.

Another wrench thrown into the American dysfunction was the George Floyd murder by government authorities. Police reform came into the spotlight and more people could see how minorities were being brutalized by rouge police officers and the court system. The world, and God, saw also. This brought about changes in policing and race relations. This also shed light on the rule of the 45th president and how he was hell bent on pleasing racist who sought vengeance against race equality. And the racist faction of the political realm was not happy with the outcome.

Since then, they have advanced into political powers to reverse laws that sought race equality in the workforce, the healthcare system, the political system and the justice system. But God sees this evil also. This brings us to the state of the Union currently, where once again the country is at a crossroads and a fight for democracy against the face of fascism. In the war of good and evil, the battles are currently in favor of the evil and their struggle to maintain their wealth, but now it is God’s turn.

Hopefully, and by His mercy, the country will not have to face another virus in order to bring about a positive change for the people and to break the stronghold of the wealthy and the racist. Nevertheless, good will prevail against the evil forces of the wealthy and those who seek to turn back time to an age of legal discrimination, which will most definitely turn ugly in this day and age. It is not 1950 and minds and attitudes have evolved to resist oppression and to debase the ignorance of race superiority.

Furthermore, people have awakened to the reality that they have been exploited of wages and savings and are only servants of debt bondage. They are organizing and attempting turn the clock back to a time when people and families could afford to buy a house and feed their families on one income. That fight remains to be seen, but God is stronger than the forces of greed and the love of money. Pray and come to God’s side.

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