Who decided that building a fence around an apple tree was the idea way to operate an economic system to modern life? The apple tree grows as a product of nature given to humanity to eat and draw shade, and to replenish the earth with more agricultural prosperity.

Unfortunately, some one person came up with the idea to build a fence around the tree and charge the people for the apples that was given to humanity freely. Who and by what authority did they lay claim to the land on which the apple tree sits?

By nature, population distribution of cultures and nations come with natural ownership of the resources on the lands in which is occupied by the indigenous peoples, however, some people have laid claim to lands and resources not theirs by nature and taken it upon themselves to make a profit.

This form of historical gentrification has caused multiple problems in humanity, mainly the rise of wealth inequality, poverty, greed, and power struggles through war, death and world suffering. The resources of the earth, such as the apple tree, is given to humanity for growth and longevity of life, not for profit, but for trade.

The basic and most humane system of bartering in the marketplace – one nation to another for the things they need to survive – was harshly replaced by a group of people who felt they deserved the resources more than any others, and the others could simply fend for themselves and live off the scraps. Some even resorted to forcing servitude on the indigenous peoples of the natural land through brutality and genocide.


Thus, was born the capitalist system of resource hording that has exploited the free will of humanity and turned it into a system of selfishness and cruelty. The only resolution to reversing this form of an economic system, is to tear down the fence and return to a system that oversees the world as a place of decency and humanity. This erases war, poverty, greed and selfishness.

As of this day, 2024, capitalist corporations are manipulating lands away from indigenous peoples to exploit their lands for resources. They say it is for the advancement of green technology, however, they sometimes move in without permission or they undermine the native community’s input.

In western Arizona, a mining company started drilling holes in the lands of an indigenous tribal land. “The holes are near the property of the Hualapai tribe, and an Australian mining company drilled them in recent years as it explores for lithium, a key metal in many electric vehicle batteries. Bender, a Hualapai tribal member, is the property’s caretaker, and he says he had no input when the company came on Hualapai land to access the spots where they drilled the holes.

“The company just jumped in here and started going to work. I didn’t understand what was going on,” Bender says, “It was like, where do we stand here?”

This is happening all over the world, not just in the US. Other indigenous activist groups are saying, “From water pollution to human rights abuses, mining has historically come with huge costs to native groups.” This is all based on the economic theory of capitalism and the fence around the apple tree.

“There’s a solution for the lack of Indigenous input on where, how, and if mining happens. It involves mining companies complying with “Free, Prior and Informed Consent”, which was outlined in a 2007 United Nations declaration.”

“It means before mining or exploration begins, Indigenous groups should be participating, without coercion or manipulation, and with access to full information.”

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