Artificial Intelligence (AI) models of ChatGTP and Google’s bard is the newest technology being used on many fronts; for creating web content to research to gathering data in light speed and producing fast results, and people counting on AI results for reliable information.

The data that Chat Bots spit out is not original thought summon by some great computer mainframe mastermind, no, it is all information gathered from the Internet using information already written by people. The bots simply sift through the information and condenses it into the best possible, sophisticated answer. Of course, when a database as large as the Internet is searched thoroughly, it will produce the words of bigots and fools.

Though the code is written and designed to sort throughout false information and produce the most academic results, however, racist language has been written into academic literature and studies by racist people. “A new study led by Stanford School of Medicine researchers cautions that popular chatbots are perpetuating racist, debunked medical ideas, prompting concerns that the tools could worsen health disparities for Black patients.”

No one is surprised by this because racism is built into the fabric of the United States from its inception. The problem is, younger generations raised on the Internet do not have the critical thinking skills nor social intellect to siphon off hate speech and misinformation.

For instance, in the study, “The report found that all four models tested — ChatGPT and the more advanced GPT-4, both from OpenAI; Google’s Bard, and Anthropic’s Claude — failed when asked to respond to medical questions about kidney function, lung capacity and skin thickness. In some cases, they appeared to reinforce long-held false beliefs about biological differences between Black and white people that experts have spent years trying to eradicate from medical institutions. Those beliefs are known to have caused medical providers to rate Black patients’ pain lower, misdiagnose health concerns and recommend less relief.”


AI results are being used in recent essays and documentaries by young people and by people who seek technological justification to racism. It is really sad that the science and technology in the US cannot override the racism built into the psyche of the scientist, doctors, and code programmers. Racism is literally being documented in real time just like in the past.

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