It is hard to understand why people in this society are asking for a dictator under an authoritarian government instead of a government of the people who can actually vote to change leaders. It is not possible for people to not know or understand what they are asking for.

Out of sheer spite, voters are choosing to place a wannabe dictator into the office of the presidency (which said party will hold onto for a few generations by winning the electoral vote every four years), before they vote for a guy (or party), that continues the American government we have lived under for centuries.

No doubt there should be some changes made to the current state of governing, but none that would push the system into a one-man rule. Especially a man who has clearly made it known what he will do to people who resist his commands, and one that has nothing more than vengeance as a platform and personal greed as a motive.

What is most shocking are mainstream media companies who are advertising and swaying public opinion toward this dictatorship through corporate narratives that benefit the wealthy. Do they not know that the dictator will all but eliminate their legitimacy as a reputable news source and replace it with Fox News talking heads? Have they not heard or read stories about other dictators having news reporters murdered, kidnapped, or exiled?

Then you have businesses who support this change but if they ever resist the man’s laws or policies will face bankruptcy, public boycotts or takeovers by loyalist of the dictator. The dictator wants everything his way or else, and unless the business submits to his demands, they are finished on the capitalist scale and on the stock market. The dictator has control of the economy, the investors, and the banks. Further more, business will struggle to find and keep workers who will feel the pressures of unfair labor laws.


See, there will be no regulations for workers in place to protect anyone except the interest of the dictator. There is no recourse, appeals, or second chances once the man has decided that he wants what he wants and nothing will stop him from getting it. People do not seem to understand that the protections we take for granted each day, such as due process, equal opportunity, the right to protest or even complain, will be taken and discarded.

Average workers and families are cheering when this dictator speaks, clapping at words that threaten immigrants, minority groups, women, politicians of the opposing party or anyone he feels has insulted him that day. They do not understand that the policies brought forth and promises made to them about higher pay, jobs returning, and a better lifestyle are all lies to get him into office.

Once he is in office, his only promise will be to corporations that submit to him and wealthy folks who pay to play his game. Working people will get nothing but corporate hardship and oppression, unsafe work environments, longer work hours, and stagnant wages for another few decades. Unfortunately, they think this is an acceptable sacrifice for the right to be white in America. This will backfire when they wake up one morning poorer than they ever have been and their children’s future do not look so bright.

Religious leaders also, thirst after this strong man. They think he is called of God to fulfill His will on earth, as it is in heaven, literally. But their disappointment will come in when this man is exposed as the ungodly character that he is when he unleashes violence against innocent people and turn their congregations into snitches for the devil.

Blacks, Hispanics and other cultures are reportedly veering toward supporting this dictator ideology yet apparently not thought through what they are asking for. Maybe believing that they are making a statement against the current president and his policies, or rebelling against the social norms, they are latching onto a future as promised by their new choice to become second and third class citizens to his preferred default race.

There will be hate crimes, institutional discrimination, deportations and violence perpetrated on minority groups under the commands of this psychopathological man of vengeance. Yet they insist on lining up behind this man under the assumption that everything will be honky dory.

More families are going to fall apart, relationships will be strained, and neighborly connections will be tested to a violent extreme because this man advocates for gun rights, self-righteous vengeance, and individual vigilantism. It will be a sad day in what is left of the United States when a true civil war breaks out as the result of resistance to everything he does.

No more peaceful protest, any protest will be seen as a riot and the military is at his disposal. Punishment will be at his discretion because the judges and prosecutors will bow to his demands. The police will be an unstoppable force armed with military grade weapons ready to pounce on citizens.

Who knows what foreign policy will look like, but can only be imagined that countries that were once at odds with the USA will have their way to take control of other countries and to do whatever they want to people unlike them. Remember, this is an America First agenda and that does not mean he will take care of America first, it means he will squash any thing contrary to the new American values he and his regime create.

For sure, the hardships will trickle down to those who support the concept of a dictator. It is inconceivable right now because these people are acting out of spite and hate, but little do they know that a governing party that is fueled by hate does not restrict itself to minorities only, but to the poor, the resistant, and anyone who would rather choose humanity instead of cruelty.

This will be an interesting experiment for the country. The sad part is once they place this man in office, and once they realize how wrong they were, it will be too late and they will not be able to remove him no matter how hard they try.

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