By nature, humanity evolved and developed into cultures, colors and geographical boundaries. Africans on the African continent, Asians in the far east, Indian and Indian cultures in the West Americas, Hebrews and Arabs in the Middle East, Caucasians in the north mountains, and various other shades of people in their own regions. But somehow Caucasians have not only spread out and integrated into almost every other land in the world, but they have taken some over and enacted their own laws, forcefully.

They took the America’s (north and south), parts of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and some of the Middle East. However, they could not take the Far East or the entire continent of Africa because those nations have lived and survived centuries before Caucasians even learned to walk, and their resolve to hold their land is stronger than Caucasians realized.

Laws of nature and divine order have positioned the people of the world in environments they are more able to adapt to by reason of skin tone and their relationship with the climate and surroundings. Because this positioning of the cultures is based on natural law, when the natural order of things is disrupted by unnatural forces that are contrary to natural law, there is usually a need for a reset.

A major disruption calls for a major reset. The most obvious disruption today among the world cultures is a misunderstanding of who belongs where and who has first rights to the land they were naturally birthed to. Caucasians are the disrupters today; whereby they are attempting to relocate people of their native lands somewhere else while they themselves settle on that land.

With the use of violence, deceit, and unethical trading and business practices, Caucasians have succeeded in convincing themselves that they have all rights to whatever land they have wrestled away from the indigenous peoples. Unfortunately, they have not considered their relationship with the land itself or the environment they have claimed or the fundamentals of natural law. In other words, if the people cannot get them out of their native land, the land itself will purge them.


Caucasians develop diseases (mental and physical) in lands their immune systems or understanding cannot adapt to. They reject the foods of the native lands and bring in their own; which taint the original soil of the land, infect and kills off the wild life and ecological balance needed to naturally sustain the land. Afterward, they create and consume biological and chemical medicines that disrupt the immune system and they outlaw the natural, plant-based remedies meant to cure sickness that the indigenous peoples were used to.

Because of their egregious pleasure to maintain power over the land and people, they have thrown nature off balance which in turn throws humanity into abnormal directions morally and psychologically. Themselves almost surely because they now attempt to throw people off the land they inhabited by nature, and tell them to go back to where they came from. This psychological misfire is against all that is natural and have surely already broken a neurological wire in their brains.

The result of this malfunction in the minds of Caucasians is one of the reasons the world cannot find peace. The object of dividing the nations and cultures onto their own lands and in their own environment was so humanity could live in peace with one another. So when white folks insist on a segregated society, they must realize and understand that until they themselves return to the place of the Caucasus Mountains, there will never be peace on earth.

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