Like a Facebook algorithm, American politics follows a designed cycle of oppression. Every four years the political pendulum swings from Democrat rule back to Republican rule, regardless of how corrupt or incompetent that political party is or has become. This has to end.

Anytime the Democrats are in power, the wealthy gives a narrative to cable news media to make them look bad so the people can move toward the Republican party in the next election. Then the Republicans screw things up and the country moves back to the Democrats. As long as the results end with the protection of the interest of the wealthy.

For example, the people have been convinced to ignorantly blame the actual president for gas and food prices when they rise not realizing that those markets are driven by market demand itself, which are manipulated by wall street and the wealthy.

The object is to keep market profits in the hands of the wealthy and out of the hands of those who actually do the work, the working class. The wealthy control the algorithm of the stock market, the banks that partition the money, the Federal Reserve who determine the banking and interest rates, and the politicians that pass the laws and bills.

All this manipulation of the money flow is cycled every four years so which ever political party in power at the time can either rise or fall under the guidance of media narrative, which influences the people. People wake up in front of the television hoping to see any means of relief from the government but are only discouraged by the wave flowing in favor of the wealthy. Over the years, this in turn causes frustration and resentment toward the government.


The wealthy sees this frustration and takes advantaged of it by further directing the cable news media to continue to cast doubt on whatever political party’s president is in office at the time. This way, they can point the narrative toward private enterprise as an alternative to government and the idea of corporate business takeover of government services.

But free-market capitalism must be controlled because of greed and the power of monopolies, such as one or two cell-phone providers instead of 30 providers that give the consumer a better choice of services. This is why the wealthy and corporations (and the Republicans who serve the wealthy) hate government regulation.

Without government regulations, the wealthy can continue to exploit the people and workers by convincing them the government is not on their side. However, with less choice, more debt is created and the politicians are bombarded by the interest groups of the wealthy to pass laws and bills the people have no choice but to agree with. Now comes corporate gouging.

In the name of “the cost of doing business,” comes higher food and gas prices, healthcare and education cost, rising home mortgage and interest rates and home rent increases taken over by corporate oligarchs; the tide never turns in favor of the working class but always toward the wealthy, and now they must protect their wealth.

From the local law enforcement hired to protect the assets of the wealthy from manufactured crime statistics repeated on local news channels in the morning, to the decisions of the Supreme Court that protect them from lawsuits, laws and bills are passed that enforce oppression instead of relief for the people.

This cycle continued for over 40-years until the 2016 election. The people were fed-up and rejected the traditional candidates from the Bush-Clinton dynasty and sought-after a new model such as Bernie Sanders and unfortunately, Donald Trump. Sanders was erroneously crush by the Clinton dynasty leading to the rise of a false version of the people’s choice, which was fine with the wealthy, they had the perfect stooge who would protect their interest.

The problem now, is the people have become confused as to who and what type of leader they truly need. Trump let them down but the poison he injected into their blood streams is toxic and dangerous. That poison being racism and hatred imbedded from the years of frustration toward the government. Wrongfully, they are lashing out at people of color in a blind anger.

The people must realize that they need someone like Bernie Sanders, who was a threat to the scheme of the wealthy and anyone like him who upheld his policies. However, someone like Bernie will forever be crushed by the strong-arm of the wealthy. The fight is against the wealthy, because they own and control the parties.

Once the people rise up with their own version of a political party that represents their true interest – to provide for the needs of the people – they will be able to unite and destroy the power of the wealthy. The first step toward this is a mass rebellion against the workforce, which would cripple the profits of the wealthy.

Slowly but surely, the people are advancing in that direction. But they must reject any form of authoritarianism thinking this is the answer. The wealthy will only use that authoritarian and his armed forces as a means to physically oppress the people. The people must use worker power to advance, meaning, hit them in their pockets where it hurts.

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