A dictatorship is comprised of an interlocking cabal of a few groups who all seek a fixed level of power in a society that is led by one person who will be the only voice of what role those groups play under their leadership. The groups seeking a place in the current U.S.’s push for a dictatorship is comprised of billionaires, racist, and religious extremists.

Of the billionaires, Elon Musk has been all but promised a seat at the table of social control by the former president looking for a second term, according to The Wall Street Journal. “The Tesla CEO and the former president have discussed ways Musk could have “formal input” over policies related to the economy and border security.”

A presidential appointment of this magnitude would open a door to a more oppressive system of economic hardship on working families and squash immigrant labor in the process. Musk is known for his hardnose labor practices who encourages workers to work around the clock, dedicating their lives to the company and dismissing family duties.

He is also known for his distain for immigrants and conspiracy theories supporting the so-called, “Great Replacement Theory,” pushed by white males who fear being replaced by people of color. This is evident on his own personal social media platform, X, which has turned over the algorithm to bigots and fascist, feeding subscriber’s timelines with hate speech and vitriol trolling, which Musk claims is free speech.

He has deceived his followers, those who worship and idolize the wealthy, to believe he is on their side by allowing them to spew hate openly and post misinformation on every subject in politics and cultural awareness. He even pays them for views and clicks of their hate rhetoric.


He, along with another billionaire, “Nelson Peltz, has briefed the former president about a plan to invest in a “data-driven” project to avert voter fraud, according to people familiar with the talks. Additionally, both Peltz and Musk told Trump about the ongoing influence campaign among elite circles that seeks to convince influential U.S. business leaders not to back President Biden.”

This is an open-palm slap in the face of a voting democracy and all small, entrepreneur, mom and pop businesses looking for an edge in the marketplace. To contrive a plan for manipulating voter data on the pretense of it being to protect against voter fraud, the propaganda has seeped into the minds of people who cannot think for themselves. It sounds good, but underneath is suspicious as all get out.

Musk has shown obvious favor toward conservative economic policies that would help his business ventures and those of his billionaire friends. This will most definitely place extra burdens on the working class if government decides to make laws on behalf of big business. “Musk, who met with Trump back in March, talks with the former president several times a month, previously discussing technology, science and immigration, according to the Journal.”

Think union-busting, limiting of workers’ rights, discriminatory hiring and firing based on race to uplift white males, less family time, continued stagnant wages, and elimination of lunch breaks, vacation time, and family leave for women who have children. If these alterations will take place in the highest of occupational fields such as technology and science, think of the lower work force fields such as manufacturing, agriculture, and the service industries. Worshipers often imitate their idols.

The decisions behind this hardened structure of the work force are based on the delusional belief of the wealthy who “are concerned with the damage done to their industry by Biden’s failure to handle our economy and his moves to overburden innovators with government bureaucracy and unrelenting regulation.” Of course, these viewpoints come from the wealthy who feel they are being targeted by government regulation, despite all their riches.

They produce unhealthy food and water and pollute the environment without regard to people’s health, and they overburden the people with extreme health care cost. In addition, a Musk/Trump team of billionaires and tech leaders will definitely design a platform of Internet and mainstream news media propaganda that will suffocate true free speech and suppress those with legitimate voices against oppression and hate. All truth will become lies, and vise versa.

Speaking of hate, another faction of the cabal is racist who are only into the dictator idea because they feel he will support their bigotry against people of color, protect them against judicial prosecution for hate crimes, and select them to lead the workforce hiring and firing policies. These are guys who attended the insurrection and are either in jail, been fired from their jobs, or whose lives have fallen apart and now they want revenge.

These guys are the lower-rung of racist who are trash talking, gun-toting rebels of militia USA that trust in military grade weapons and maneuvers to subjugate city dwellers to their demands. They want psychical control over these supposed subjects and victims exploited on Fox News along with the immigrants that roam the countryside. And they want complete and total immunity from the new fascist justice system for beatings and murders they may commit.

They are hoping to monetize on click-bait from the billionaire class for their hate speech and crimes and to be exalted to superior status over those they deem unworthy of the so-called lie of the American dream. Unfortunately, they believe these promises unaware that the wealthy are only using them to further their agenda until the voter base is no longer needed after election time. They will be screwed in the long run as they have been over the last 50 years, as their jobs continue to be shipped overseas and taken over by AI.

Then there is the higher rung of racist; professional racists such as lawyers, doctors, small businessmen CEOs and middle managers who are fed up with diversity in the workforce and having to hire based on DEI instead of merit, merit mostly meaning other white males. They have trashed Black airline pilots, professors in higher learning institutions, Black DAs, AGs, Mayors, politicians, and professional career people who they have to take orders from or compete with.

They yell that people of color should pull themselves up from their bootstraps or get off welfare, but when Blacks and others do and move into their job positions and their neighborhoods, they destroy their property, sabotage their businesses, and undermine their achievements. Jealousy plays a huge part in why their racism thrives in the new millennium and have throughout American history.

The most pathetic of the cabal are the religious extremist who have been lied to by the father of lies, the devil. In their complete misinterpretation of bible prophesy and instruction, they seek power of control over the masses because their churches have been bleeding members for the past 30 years. They want revenge on unbelievers, those they deem hell bound, and those who mock their beliefs.

These men turn all their faith toward politicians and government law instead of the one they claim to worship. They are idolators of men who they believe will give them the power they desire. They lack the ability to understand that respect comes from personal behavior and not rule of law. They claim victimhood and government persecution so they want to change the government to one that will give them what they want, thus, a dictator slash savior sounds about right to them.

These overt groups of narcissists are planning a takeover of the country from under the faces of greed, racism, and apostate doctrine. It has nothing to do with the economy, immigration, or Left and Right politics, but has everything to do with white supremacy. The problem is, if they get their wish, there will be no country to rule over because white supremacy is not the will of God, and God does not condone lies, hate or greed.

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