Too many mainstream news outlets are analyzing the Alabama riverfront brawl as broken race relations, revisiting retro-slave history and suggesting the possibility of a Hollywood production of a great movie. Too many viewers also found the brawl entertaining enough to create memes, jokes and some found pride in the Black comradery. This is all trifling BS.

This display of white versus Black in physical battle was fodder for demented wealthy minds, who find pleasure in people of different races fighting each other for whatever reason. We all know that divide and conquer has always been the strategy of the oppressor, yet when we actually see it in action, we somehow find pleasure in it, which speaks to the mental development of a people who lack self-respect and dignity.

This is not and should never be seen as something funny, to be proud of, or as a strike of comeuppance or vengeance. This type of tragedy should be treated as a sign that people need to unite against the forces that has brought us to such anger and descent; and it must end.

What is it that makes us resort to violence against one another? What poison has been injected into our souls that we find it necessary to inflict physical harm on others because of skin color or even income level. Is it greed? privilege, or simple hate? What has us so angry that we find it appropriate to celebrate this type of violent behavior in public?

Entertainment for the wealthy comes to mind. As long as people are fighting among themselves, they will never notice that the wealthy are robbing us of not only our finances, but of our dignity, humanity, and love for one another. We are so blind to the tactics of divide and conquer, we forget it is set as a strategy that forces us to exhibit the pain we face because we cannot afford to freaking live a decent life in a world rich with resources enough for everyone.


The mainstream media eats this like lunch when we show ourselves to be barbaric and violent toward one another. They sit ahigh, lavishly on their plush pedestals watching as we devour one another for the crumbs they leave, such as riverboats, pontoons, and social positions of authority we esteem as valuable. What a joke, which is inevitably on us, not them as they laugh to the bank.

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