The object of charitable giving and taking care of the poor is nothing but a joke in this country. Even its government cannot seriously show kindness toward those in need without expecting repayment; calling it a lesson of tough love.

Of all the cruel, wicked stories in this already fallen country, this one hits the point of evil. A program that is intended to help people who live below the poverty line, wait until you die and then come after your home for repayment.

If the program is one that helps people who cannot pay, why collect what they owe? That defeats the whole purpose of the program as assistance to those in need. That is like giving money to a poor person on the street and after they die of starvation, go to their children to get it back. What kind of evil, wicked person thinks of things like this?

“Sandy LoGrande thought it was a mistake when, a year after her father’s death, Massachusetts billed her $177,000 for her father’s Medicaid expenses and threatened to sue for his home if she didn’t pay up quickly. But the bill and accompanying threat weren’t a mistake.

Rather, it was part of a routine process the federal government requires of every state: to recover money from the assets of dead people who, in their final years, relied on Medicaid, the taxpayer-funded health insurance for the poorest Americans.”


In an effort to force people to be financially responsible, if an agency has to lie and scam those who need their assistance, why even offer to help? The boot strap theory of this country is to a ridiculous extent especially since people have a hard enough time trying to make a decent living under the pressure of not making a livable wage.

This is a cursed country and will continue to go downhill until this government and its lawmakers live up to the claimed profession that this is a God-fearing country. That is a lie and God will judge this nation as He sees it; cruel and unusual.

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