The state of Missouri passed a law in 2017 on behalf of one of its school districts, to charge children who fight in school with a felony. Under the current police state, these type laws will surely follow in other states in an attempt to expand the school-to-prison pipeline.

Expanding the pipeline secures a set quota of inmates for the private prison system and its stockholders. Unfortunately, this judicial cycle is set in place at the expense of children’s lives.

Elitist millionaires, such as ex-military officers, judges, lawyers, retired police officials and others in that circle, are investing and capitalizing off the lives of children. A mandate has been pushed down the ranks from judges to street patrolman and into the public school system to enforce criminal convictions on children who misbehave in school. This is an evil sure to bring divine punishment to the perpetrators.

Sadly, there are no politicians or lawmakers in high offices speaking up about this travesty. They are simply ignoring it; and maybe it’s because they have a silent part invested themselves.

In addition, many companies stand to profit from this horrible exploitation of children by contracting with the private prisons to purchase goods produced by the prisoners. Many of these companies are used by consumers on a daily bases.


The hypocrisy, selfishness, and inhumanity are astounding in a country that claims Christianity as its moral base and how much they “care about the children.” Even among church leadership, nothing is spoken of or challenged. They too are complacent in allowing it to happen.

Maybe they too, church leadership, is invested in the mistreatment and imprisonment of our children. This is a time for families, mothers and fathers, to think twice about sending their children to a public school, or any school for that matter.

Homeschooling, online schools, and small private schools may be a better choice for parents in this day and age. Because a dark spirit of authoritarianism has taken control over this country and no one is safe from criminalization, not even our children. Pray for our children that they are protected from the psycho pathological minds of our nation’s authorities.

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