Imagination takes us back to the Cro-Magnon era with images of Neanderthal men carrying clubs, grunting like apes and dragging women by the hair. In time, uncivilized societies were considered not having the conveniences of life, but living off the land in huts and caves instead of concrete structures furnished by the luxuries that made life easier.

Today, uncivilized societies are those considered lacking modern technology, advanced military weaponry and financial clout. Nonetheless, the nations who have those things have not completely evolved from the most primitive characteristic of being uncivilized, which is a violent nature.

Civility has been defined all wrong today when comparing the Cro-Magnon man to today’s man, in terms of the evolution of the brain. Today’s man continues to take what he wants using violence as he stumps the earth with a club and grunting when he sees the things he wants, and takes them from others. Only today it is called military preparedness, gun rights and business.

We still see those Neanderthals walking slumped over with an AR15 in his hand hunting things he does not understand or that he considers uncivilized; now we call them patriots. Though technology brought us all from the age of living with nature, it has not developed the brain at the same pace. We have only substituted the weapon and the motives behind the weapons with different purposes.

The United States is the most violent nation in the world on a scale of military preparedness, gun rights, and violence against those they do not understand. Grunts are spoken in talking points and sound bites but mean the same as the old grunts; “mine.” And women remain behind the man as a statement of force instead of respect. In essence, one could say that men in the US reflect their uncivilized ancestors in many ways.


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