America will never learn the phenomena of Karma or divine retribution. When they wish bad upon minorities to take the shame and worry off the white majority, it always comes back to haunt them in the end.

They did this back in the 1980s when crack cocaine became an epidemic; the NYTs reported in an article how crack had swept through Black neighborhoods in the country killing thousands. They did it when AIDS attacked the homosexual population of white males in the late 80s; they somehow found a way to blame Africa, and transfer the disease to Black Americans.

When COVID hit in 2020 the NYTs was the first to publish the racial composition of the virus, and of course, targeted Blacks and Hispanics for those who were contracting and dying the most. Now it’s on the Fentanyl overdoses where the media claims are affecting young people and people of color.

They have yet to figure out that when they push the reverse psychology of death on minority people, it usually ends up affecting them the most. In the aftermath of crack cocaine epidemic, white suburban families also suffered major drug overdoses from crack, powder cocaine and meth labs across the suburbs not years later.

When AIDS hit the mainstream population, more whites died from AIDS than any other racial group in the country, yet it went silently unreported. And in the aftermath of Covid deaths, the final numbers totaled into the hundreds of thousands of whites who died in higher proportions because they simply denied the science. But did we hear about that from the NYTs? No.


Now they are bucking for some more retribution from the fentanyl overdoes, eventually, the death toll in white America will reach far beyond what they hope happens to people of color. Time will tell as it did in the last epidemics in the country.

According to 2023 reports, “For the first time in U.S. history, fatal overdoses peaked above 112,000 deaths, with young people and people of color among the hardest hit. Drug policy experts, and people living with addiction, say the magnitude of this calamity now eclipses every previous drug epidemic, from the 1980s to the prescription opioid crisis of the 2000s. Public health experts say fentanyl, a synthetic opioid far more powerful than heroin, is responsible for the majority of drug deaths.”

Further down in the article, it seems to faceplant and claim that deaths of young “Americans” and pregnant women have spiked. “Federal researchers now say drug overdoses are a leading cause of death among young Americans age 18-45 and have also spiked as a killer of pregnant women.”

The problem is they wish so badly that tragedy only happens to people of color that they cannot write a simple article without throwing in some color. This is to take the worry and pressure off whites and ease their minds. Because when they hear that death is concentrated to people of color, they can dismiss the problem and go about their lives.

This happened after the NYTs published its doom prophesy against Blacks and Hispanics in April 2020 about Covid deaths, to which afterward conservatives started protesting to reopen the country and get people back to work. As long as Blacks were dying, everything is normal and we can continue to live our lives in hopes that more of them will die. But in their joyous return to life, many more of them died to the retribution, because of ignorance and denial.

The opioid crises have been in expanding since the early 2000s and yes, Blacks and Hispanics have died, but because whites are a majority in the country, the tragedy struck them twice as hard, but again, gone unreported by the media because of the shame. They want so badly to be invincible and a people favored by the god of the living that they will continue to risk their own lives, and children’s lives for generations to come, decade after decade, just to wish death on people of color.

But we have yet to address the most heinous part of the Fentanyl overdose issues; the failed War on Drugs issue. When the government decides to do something about drug and disease epidemics, the money allocated to the problem goes to state and local governments who do what? “Experts point out that much of the government funding spent on to addiction in the U.S. actually goes to pay for law enforcement and drug interdiction, funding police, prisons and border security.

According to the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, total annual spending on the drug war now tops $40 billion a year. Many communities are spending the money on law enforcement budgets and on police equipment, roadside cameras and body scanners for jails, new police cruisers, phone-hacking equipment and restraint devices for law enforcement.”

When it comes down to actually helping the people who are addicted, regardless of what race they are, the authorities take little interest in helping. Their idea of solving the problem is hunting down, kicking in doors, beating and arresting people and then locking them behind bars to fill the private prison industry so many politicians and judicial figures have invested stock in.

The war on drugs hasn’t worked,” said Ioan Grillo, a Mexico City-based journalist considered an expert on the Mexican drug cartels, in an April 2023 interview with NPR. Experts say the most hopeful strategies will likely involve things like reforming healthcare, expanding access to housing and mental health programs.

The most basic of solutions are those that politicians vote against so long as their family members have not suffered from the fall out. This is another block in the hypocrisy, condescension, and deep-seated hate ingrained the hearts and minds of American leaders and voters.

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