Three countries give a hint as to what the USA will look like if the Republicans, especially Trump, return to the White House; Russia, Israel and Turkey. Headed respectively by Putin, a guy who wins every election, Netanyahu, a guy who wholeheartedly believes God is on his side no matter what he does, and Orban, a guy who believes he has turned his country into a Christian nation.

According to Russian independent media outlet Meduza, “Russians began voting Friday in a three-day presidential election that Vladimir Putin is all but certain to win.” Putin has rigged the elections since 2000 so he would win every time, changing the country’s laws to allow his continued runs for office.

Any challengers or resistance face disqualification in some form or another. This style voting is known as “an election style event” instead of a fair democratic system. This is what the Republicans want for the USA because no one likes their policies except those they have fooled into supporting the wealthy and those they promise vengeance to on everyone they hate.

Netanyahu of Israel, on the other hand, follows after a right-wing coalition who is protecting him from prosecution for corruption, similar to the same reason Trump seeks help from the wealthy and why he begs for money from his working-class supporters. They need these men in office to protect their wealth and reputation from the suspect criminal working class.

He also has a strong devotion to biblical reasons for enacting military action against the Palestinians, believing that Israel has a God-given right to destroy them and push them off the land that was promised to the Israelites during the Old Testament. All out dated reasons.


Netanyahu needs to hold his far-right coalition together to escape the corruption trial in which he is currently at risk, and that coalition wants continued attacks on Hamas. “Netanyahu has forged strong ties in the U.S. with Republicans; in 2015 he spoke before Congress at the invitation of Republicans in an attempt to undermine then-president Barack Obama’s negotiations with Iran to stop that country’s development of nuclear weapons.”

So, his ties to the US far right and his own coalition of extremist are driving him to commit the greatest war crime in recent history. The problem is the right-wingers in the US think the same way he does and would not defer from the strategy he has toward Palestine. They would show no mercy toward anyone their base believes is an enemy.

Netanyahu’s far-right government is deeply unpopular in Israel. In January, only 15% of Israelis wanted him to keep his job after the war on Hamas ends, and three days ago the U.S. intelligence community assessed in its annual report on the threats facing the United States that “[d]istrust of Netanyahu’s ability to rule has deepened and broadened across the public from its already high levels before the war, and we expect large protests demanding his resignation and new elections.” It concluded: “A different, more moderate government is a possibility.” Centrist political rival Benny Gantz has visited the U.S. and the U.K. recently.”

Orban, the Christian authoritarian who has also visited the US right-wing politicians and Trump at Mar-a-lago, has a vision of a Christian nation that include, “arrests, and imprisonment of individuals, including politicians, Ownership of the media is increasingly shifting to oligarchs allied with Prime Minister Orban’s government and state-owned broadcasters are indirectly controlled by the party, and Orban’s government has implemented changes to the judicial system in Hungary, concentrating powers in the hands of the ruling party and raising concerns about the impartiality of the judiciary, leading to the removal of judges and prosecutors perceived as not aligned with the government’s agenda.”

None of this is Christian at all. It is authoritarian control of the public yet this is what Trump voters are asking for and what Christian leaders in the US have in mind when they say America is a Christian nation. The religious leaders and evangelicals that advise Trump and the Republicans are seriously confused about the laws of the Bible and the will of God and have mislead millions of people to support an idol, and to put into place a system that favors the wealthy, which includes them.

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