As far back as Perry Mason, the courtroom drama from the 1950s, to the latest prison reality TV show, law and order has been pushed on American society to an alarming extreme. The subliminal message of course, is obey the law or go to jail. This tyrannical mindset has always reigned supreme within Euro-fantasy.

Control of the population by confinement and torture is how the elite stay in power and maintain their riches. Watching the evening news one would think there is danger and death right around the corner or on the next block, and that it could happen to you at any moment.

Blind trust in the police is propagated over and over to the public so that people have no other choice but call the police for any given situation regardless of how petty it is. Loud noises, suspicious people or packages, even dogs barking late at night have all become reasons to call 911.

This obsession with law and order has spilled over to reality television that normalizes prison life, police raids, courtroom dramas, and people who are simply having a bad day. They portray average people as suspect and criminal minded and the police as heroes to every scenario.

They profile ex-detectives, cops, and lawyers who proclaim stories of how rough the streets are and how dangerous life can be even in the most remote of rural areas. The producers write scripts of life that include drama, family disputes, and mysterious happenings going on in certain towns and neighborhoods all for the purpose of scaring the hell out of average, working people. They call it deterrents to crime; i.e. keeping people in fear.


Of course they exaggerate scenarios of crimes using suspense, dramatic music and cliffhangers designed to keep your eyes glued to the television. Then advertisers come on commercials with solutions to the crime-ridden world with promises of surveillance protection, home security, and anti-theft gadgets that no one person will probably ever need or use.

While all this is going on and playing through the television screen, mass shooters are murdering people, people are coming up missing, and political and corporate thugs are looting the Federal Treasury blind, yet the police cannot seem to solve either. The only people getting robbed and killed are spouses, neighbors, and victims of police brutality.

Flip the scripts. If reality television promoted and encouraged safe neighborhoods, neighborly networks and events that promised family-style activities, and downplayed crime and took emphases off guns and violence, maybe society would be better off and not as paranoid. It is all about narrative.

Yes, crime is a thing, but constant televised programs of prison life, domestic violence, police ride-along, and detective-filled shows on primetime makes for a society that feels unsafe every day. Now we are at a point where everyone feels like they have to carry a gun and defend themselves against over-blown, non-existent threats.

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