Many people are shortsighted to this phenomenon because of the concept of time, and believe that white America has, and is getting away with their crimes against humanity in the past and to this day. However, that is far from the truth. America is suffering rapid decline, mental torment and retribution for the years of inhumane treatment of people of color around the world. The delusion of white progress and economic power has the novice blind to this truth.

It would seem that money and power reflect the favor of God or immunity from consequences, but those two things is the essence of corruption in the hands of a cursed and abusive people. Money itself is not corrupt nor is the authority of power, but in the wrong hands both can be detrimental to any society. Thus we have America.

From the brutal enslavement of African peoples and the deceptive land-grab of an indigenous people to the world strategy of colonialism and domination and the calculated manipulation of the poor of today, white America has continued to reap punishment throughout history. The problem is they have not learned to change, thus over time, their structure continues to crumble.

The most severe form of suffering is mental. Consider the mental state of those who determined that enslaving a people was a good idea. Who would want to own another human-being? This mindset in itself is deranged and opposed to human nature. The human spirit is designed to be free and enslaved only by nature, not by other human-beings. Likewise, what state of mind would one have to be to plot the takeover of an entire country by murdering off its population? This is a mentally cursed people; a people devoid of the concept of human nature and of the divine plan of an evolving humanity.

Instead, their minds are consumed with control, manipulation, and all forms of aggression to maintain that control. Whether it is by mass murder, war, or slow genocide, white America (and their ancestors of European decent), are a people who lack the social skills of cultural commonality and humanity and have been possessed by the evils of the idolatry of money and power. From this deranged mental state flow all other evil intentions and mentalities such as follows:


Over-Sexuality & Lust
•    Homosexuality
•    Abortion – birth control
•    Pedophilia
•    Pornography – loss of innocence, abstinence
•    Rape & abuse

Violence & Murder
•    Constant wars – terrorism
•    Mass shootings
•    Racial hatred
•    Over-policing
•    Torture & imprisonment – capital punishment

Political & Business Corruption
•    Greed/wealth inequality
•    Domestic poverty
•    Corrupt justice system
•    Debt peonage – homelessness
•    Profit over people – human trafficking

Drugs & Alcohol
•    Legal & illegal drugs – suicides
•    Drunkenness
•    Pharmaceutical/healthcare exploitation – unhealthy foods, chemicals
•    Incurable diseases – mental illnesses
•    Family dysfunction – orphans, child abuse, divorce

Propaganda & False Religious Idolatry
•    Hollywood deception – lack of truth
•    Media bias/misinformation – 911
•    False preachers/splintered religions
•    Distorted history
•    Indoctrinated education

If anyone finds themselves anywhere in the above list as being subject to its misfortunes, it is because the curse has spread to any and every one living under the assumption that this is the greatest country on earth. People need to redirect their thinking to understand that the only way to escape the curses is to live and believe the opposite of any of the above characteristics.

As a result of these psychopathological characteristics, white America has experienced war within itself: the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World Wars I and II, where they murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands of one another to maintain control of their ill-gotten fortunes and power. Their horded fortunes, however, are stolen and are the result of the murders of millions of innocent people. Their wealth is all blood money. Though they stand atop the world in wealth and power, it is only because their minds are devices of evil.

A wise people would understand that wealth and power are to be used for the betterment of humanity, not the control of humanity. This simple rule of life ever escapes the white American. They believe that power and control reflects strength and wisdom, which is far from the truth. But the fact that they believe this reveals their lack of discretion and rational thought and testifies to their mental state of delusion.

In addition to the killing and massacres of themselves over money and power, their social structure is collapsing right before their eyes, while other developing nations are advancing economically and socially. Time has proven this to be true. Yes, America has all the modern conveniences of an advanced society, but at what cost? The cost of suppression of the poor, deception and thievery of other nation’s resources, war, murder, injustice and brutality, are all on-going strategies of America to maintain these advancements.

During the mid-20th century, Jim Crow laws brought about civil disorder and division which resulted in the white American misconception of human rights. American hypocrisy brought about the Vietnam War in an ironic attempt to show the world how human rights are to be operated. Again, millions of innocent people died as a result of white America’s mental state of disillusion and misguided sense of morality. And there was never a viable solution that came from the unnecessary war.

Mental corruption cultivates a sub-consciousness of resentment of the weak and poor, uncompassionate treatment of others not like them, paranoia toward the innocent and non-threatening, an authoritarian government state against a people undeserving of such treatment and a misinterpretation of what is good, true, decent, and humane. The white mind has resorted to cruel and unusual treatment of children; people of color simply seeking to survive life, women, human and civil rights of the populous, and have began to reserve basic human necessities for the wealthy. This is all a form of a mental deficiency and it is growing ever wider and more apparent.

Health has become a privilege in their minds. Clean water, air, and food have become tainted for the sake of wealth. Human freedom is threatened, murder is required punishment for menial offenses, natural birth is questionable and ceased, and the nature of the male and female species is up for scientific interpretation. These are all consequences of a mental delusional state of a people suffering from years of inhumane treatment of others.

As time would have it, in a few decades or maybe even a century, this country, as we know it now, will not exist any longer. The power structure, the economic base, and its cultural traditions will deteriorate into chaos. Currently, white Americans are reaping the consequences of a twisted state of mind with drug addiction, domestic violence, (children killing other children in mass murders, parents killing children and vice-versa), extreme homosexuality, child pedophilia, and pornography; all this among the populous and the leadership.

Of course the national media will not tell the whole story or report the statistics because they will appear weak and embarrassed, but the signs are there. Society can see it, and so can the rest of the world. White America seems to be the only people who cannot see their state of mind and how dysfunctional it has become. They believe the more extreme their behavior the stronger they are and the more God favors them.

So do not be deceived or discouraged by the small injustices reported on the news media. Do not be frustrated when white America passes laws that protect other white Americans or when they show force toward a defenseless people here or around the world. This is all a result of an ever-growing malfunction of their mental state. In the end, it will get worse and society may suffer at the hands of these alternative life-forms. Just know that it is all within the divine plan of white America’s destruction.

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