Everything is your fault. If you do not achieve the American dream, land your dream job and are successful at it, or have enough to retire on in your golden years; it is all your fault. Basically, because you did not work hard enough or put enough good ole American grit into it.

People came over a hundred years ago from faraway lands with nothing in their pockets and worked from the ground up and became successful and accomplished beyond what they could have in their homeland. They came here for opportunity, freedom, and to escape the oppression of their communist countries; and because they envy us.

So, if you find yourself working day-to-day, living pay-check to pay-check and not being able to care for your basic needs, its your own fault. You should have reached higher by taking out a loan and going to college, investing in the market, or becoming a team player and working overtime putting in 70 hours a week on your way up the corporate ladder.

When you or someone in your family got injured on the job or in that car accident or came down with a certain cancer and had surgery, you should have paid off the hundred-thousand-dollar medical bill on time by sacrificing luxuries like morning coffee or a car note. When you were approved for that credit card and ran up the balance because you needed to pay your mortgage or your child’s college tuition or had your car repaired to be able to get to that corporate job. You should have thought of any unforeseen circumstances ahead of time and saved the exact amount of money you did not know you needed.

Now you over your head in hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan, credit card and medical bill debt because you could not afford a private accountant to manage your portfolio, to retain a lawyer, or hire a stock market broker to guide you through the realities of market fluctuations, IRS law, interest rate hike predictions and market trends. That is your own damn fault you cannot live like the wealthy. You should have not allowed yourself to be seduced by television commercials constantly advertising of alcohol, fast food, vacations and unhealthy dining experiences that pushed your heart into a strain.


No, there are no do overs so, you cannot file bankruptcy because that would rip your credit score in half and tank your standard of living. Your credit score defines the value of your life. You had a chance to pay off your debt if you had just reached even higher for success and worked another job, took out another bank loan, or gotten your master’s degree in a career field trending on social media. Do not cry about it now, it’s your fault all your friends, or your kids and grand-kids are living below your lifestyle and you have to help them with money, a place to live, and include them on your car insurance so your rates go higher.

Do not even think about blaming anyone but yourself for not being able to afford the high food prices, gas and rent increases. That’s your fault too. You should have voted for the right guy. The one who promised to lower everything just in time for your life to get better. You should have taken off work and attended the council meeting downtown and took your two minutes on the microphone to express your opinion to an indifferent council board. You should have organized your community into a lobbying group on your lunch-break or right after work, after you picked up your child or grandchild from school because everyone else in your family was working their second job.

What? Corporations have nothing to do with your underachievement in life. They are not responsible for the cost of living, the interest rates, the utility cost or how much food you take home from a trip to the grocery store. That is not their area. That is your responsibility to make it work within your budget. How dare you blame the hard-working men and women of corporate America for your troubles when they are generous enough to even give you a job and the long hours, high medical premiums and your five days off a year that come with it.

What gives you the right to complain about working your life away for the corporation while you neglect your family and they are being detained by police because they trespassed on someone’s private property or ran a stop sign and got overcharged and now has a criminal record and placed into the criminal justice system where you have to help them pay court cost and restitution to the community, make sure they report to the probation officer and do community service now instead of working a job.

Oh right, immigrants are bringing drugs over the border after making multi-million dollar drug deals instead of living like kings and drug lords in their own country. You know they are taking your jobs and poisoning your kids although they are living on the streets of your city without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it from or look out of. You ought to have run for office and stopped the whole border thing when you had a chance on one of your five off days. But you did not have the time to call your representative and leave a voice mail. Well look at you now.

This is your fault. It is all your fault because you do not love America. You do not pay respects to the border patrol gun nuts and untrained police officers who are borderline psycho-alpha male high school rejects with a badge and a gun. You have no respect for the men in uniform who have spent the last four to eight years overseas fighting a war that was unnecessary from the start and for the benefit and profits of the corporation you work for so they can add to their blood coffer, overseas bank accounts, and not even pay taxes to the country who gives them welfare. You apparently do not appreciate the opportunities and freedoms you (and the corporations), have in this country.

Nevermind you cannot go to the movies or a concert, or eat out on the patio downtown because you and everyone else near you are twisting their heads at every move hoping a mass shooter is not rounding the corner. Nevermind you keep looking at your phone because you cannot send your child to school hoping to see them again in the afternoon and that the same, incompetent police force is courageous enough to protect your child from the same mass shooter. This is the life you chose. This is the hand you were dealt and you have to play it regardless of the odds, medieval laws and corporations against you.

Take your time and think about your life choices for a moment, and remember that no one takes responsibility for your actions and pay checks but you. No one is accountable for the wrongs in society but you and your choices in life. Just watch your back, wake up early, and make sure you have an emergency fund or the skills to start a GoFundMe page when the time has come. You better like it here or else you will be considered a communist freeloader who does not take personal responsibility for their life but you just sit around, not work and wait for the government to do their damn jobs, and for corporations to take responsibility for their actions.

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