As AI grows and is incorporated in the lives of the world, be careful and aware of the changes its making to everyday life. Government agencies and corporations are already using AI run programs and algorithms in situations that we use unconsciously every day.

Of the many areas AI is incorporated, “It is being used to screen job candidates, tutor kids, buy a home and dole out medical advice.” Sadly, one of the main concerns about AI is its ability to discriminate, a problem that is an American past time.

“While key federal regulators have said decades-old anti-discrimination laws and other protections can be used to police some aspects of artificial intelligence, Congress has struggled to advance proposals for new licensing and liability systems for AI models and requirements focused on transparency and kids’ safety.”

There are unethical people who exploit new technology to take advantage of people who are clueless about who and how they interact online, and people can be fooled by the imitation of human interaction by AI. Emails are a new tactic used to trick people into false email interactions because it responds as if it were human, and people cannot tell the difference.

AI is being used in hiring practices with video and telephone interviews and looking for keywords and responses to employers’ questions. Many times, human interaction is eliminated and people are hired based wholly on AI technology. Gone are the days of in-person interviews and resume scanning, in comes AI and “it’s using powerful language processing tools to analyze candidates’ answers to written and video interview questions.”


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the small agency tasked with enforcing workplace civil rights, is closely monitoring developments in the technology.

It is also being used to surveil employee performance and productivity with minimal human supervision. It sets schedules, monitor time on the clock, and initiates payroll information on employees, which is always subject to error.

Schools, also, are using AI for students and many students are learning to use AI to cheat on homework and school projects. Teachers have began using AI for lesson plannings, quizzes and test, and school districts are using it to keep track of students’ attendance, grades, and performance.

Though teachers are not being replaced as of yet, the technology is heading in a direction that teacher’s jobs can be made easier through the use of AI, and less teachers will be needed in the future.

Home buying also is an area to be watched for discrimination. “Wary of artificial intelligence’s capacity to codify human bias, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and other regulators proposed a rule in June to police the way AI is used in home value appraisals, and identify “specific and accurate reasons” for denying someone credit when relying on AI or other complex algorithms.”

The medical field has also taken AI into its ranks to analyze large amounts of data and crunch numbers faster than humans can. It is also fused with medical billing, which “could revolutionize the way bills are generated and processed between care providers and insurers.”

Doctors are using AI as assistants to diagnoses and treat patients with certain ailments based on previous data other than the human eye. But some healthcare companies are “facing lawsuits accusing the companies of using artificial intelligence and other sophisticated formulas to systematically deny care.”

The most worrisome use of AI comes in the media and news reporting. Deep fake photos and headlines are written by AI technology and can mislead people with misinformation designed and written by humans with the intent of deceiving.

What AI does is glean the Internet finding data, statistics, names and news-worthy topics, crush them together and come up with a perfectly written article about any given subject matter. There are programs that can automatically publish those articles in a matter in minutes after formatting them for publication.

“The current administration is trying to marshal federal agencies to assess what kind of rules make sense for the technology. But lawmakers in Washington, state capitals and city halls have been slow to figure out how to protect people’s privacy and guard against echoing the human biases baked into much of the data AIs are trained on.”

How to spot AI generated content:

First off, you might notice a lack of personal touch or emotional depth in the responses. See, us humans, we tend to express ourselves with a whole lot of nuance and individuality, while AI tends to stick to more generic, formulaic statements.

Another clue is the consistency and speed of the replies. AI-generated content can be remarkably quick, almost like it’s been preprogrammed to churn out responses in record time. Sometimes it’s just too good to be true, you know?

Now, when it comes to red flags, errors in grammar or syntax can be a dead giveaway. AI systems have come a long way, but they can still stumble over complex sentence structures or colloquial expressions. So, if you spot a glitch in the linguistic matrix, proceed with caution.

Lastly, pay attention to the context and coherence of the conversation. If the responses seem to lack a proper flow or understanding of what’s been said before, it’s a sign that you might be dealing with an AI rather than a flesh-and-blood chatter.

• Always ask questions if unsure about certain content

• Scan over email links for spammers

• Use plagiarism programs to spot false data

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