According to one of the most celebrity-rotting reporting magazines, TMZ, Jay-Z and Beyonce have purchased California’s most expensive home for 200 million dollars. The purpose? As a weekend get away from their already 100 million home in LA.

Aside from the fact that this purchase displays a total waste of resources and a show of arrogance, it reveals that there are people actually interested in this type of celebrity idolatry. With all of the crisis this country faces, wealth inequality, greed, homelessness, and the everyday struggles of hard-working people, this disgrace of a publication find it entertaining and amusing to flaunt the successes of shallow poster children for the rich.

They go on to explain the intensions of the couple and the perks associated with the purchase using vocabulary of the working class such as the home being close to their children’s school and how they may have negotiated the previous owner’s art collection into the final price.

This is the bottom of the inequality barrel given the political battles to barely hold the country’s debt ceiling. Hollywood and the entertainment industry are nothing more than empty vessels of demonic activity in a world they have long abandoned.

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