The darkness is passed and now the light is shining bright on the inhumane treatment of South American countries by the United States. The so-called “border crises” is just a small upshot of the long history of a covert war waged against South American countries by the United States.

The streams of immigrants the news media continues to warn the country about are the result of a struggling people pressured by years of economic strong arming. The economic conditions in countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela and El Salvador, whereby the migrants are fleeing, is not the result of poor governing or socialist dictators as the media would have you to believe; no, they are fleeing because the United States has disrupted these countries political process.

“Long before Trump took office, the United States had a checkered history of involvement in Central America – and some say American foreign policy in the region caused the instability and inequality at the root of the current crisis.”

The reason they disrupt these countries is because they have oil reserves and other natural resources the United States want to own and control. They did the same thing in Africa over a period of many years until Africa became dependent on European help and aid. Now, they are doing the same thing to South American countries.

Not only have they pillaged the country of resources, but they have assisted in creating some of the worse drug cartels in the world. Much of the cocaine that poured into the United States and poisoned the Black communities in the eighties and the chemical-based drugs into suburban communities in the nineties came from those same covert operations. So they are on a two-fold mission to impoverish the people of South America and plunge the low-income and minorities in the United States into poverty also.


“Jeff Faux, a distinguished fellow at the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank, said the decades-long history of American intervention has left Central American governments weak and fragile while empowering oligarchs and drug cartels, which has, in turn, fueled the corruption and gang violence that drives residents to flee.”

Now that the United States have ravished the countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – along with their current attempt to overthrow Venezuela – they are demonizing and criminalizing the refugees and have created child concentration camps in order to maintain a prisoner quota for the private prison system the United States are building to employ rural whites.

To add insult to injury, “the United States is halting humanitarian funding to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the State Department confirmed.”

The light is on; the secret is out, and the books are opened. This type of evil is one that never goes unpunished and is the type that brings chaos and war to the world. The diabolical plans of this country led by oil barons and power hungry white supremacists have never gone long without causing a world war. As of now, countries are taking sides.

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