What happens to people’s minds when they reach a certain level of wealth? They seem to disconnect from society and their worldview toward humanity shifts into a self-centered mode. Of all the problems facing humanity, wealthy people suddenly lose interest in helping solve those problems or contributing to society the things it needs. Instead, they leave that to governments and the political bureaucracies in place.

The quantity of wealth they hold could solve many problems such as poverty, joblessness, homelessness, sicknesses and the dissolution of wars around the world. According to Forbes new list of the wealthiest people in the world, “There are now more billionaires than ever: 2,781: They’re richer than ever, worth $14.2 trillion in aggregate.” Billionaires earn millions of dollars an hour. Imagine that. They have more than enough money to spend in hundreds of lifetimes. This is selfishness and a type of cultism on steroids.

It seems as though the rich agree to sit and watch the rest of the world struggle with multiple problems while they get to enjoy the benefits of owning yachts, lavish homes, being catered to by servants and flying around the world whenever they feel like exploring and getting top notch food and healthcare. They fly over lands desperate of food and medicine, war-torn countries suffering from disease and illness, and gather to discuss the problems while sitting on tons on money that would answer many of the problems.

What is the disconnect? What psychological darkness drives them to see the world as their own personal playground while at the same time having the nerve to input their opinion on anything going on in real life? The going theory is that they earned their money and others have to earn it for themselves. They do not give handouts to people who cannot make it on their own.

The truth is; however, some people are groomed into wealth and some stumble onto it. But very few actually work for it. Those who claim to have worked hard for their wealth definitely had help getting there by others who benefited from their ascension up the ladder. But as working people now know hard work does not get you wealth to the point of making the Forbes list of the 100 most wealthy people in the world.


An annual salary can barely keep a working family above water let alone lay the groundwork for a wealthy lifestyle. The work hard lie has been exposed as false and nepotism and secret society life rules the day. These people are a different breed of humanity yet are worshiped by the very people they look down on and refuse to help. They exploit, overwork and use people as human resources to get their wealth and turn and walk away.

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