At every turn of the corner, technology is advancing in 6-month intervals. New iPhones, communications, microchips and automation; yet there is a slow pace in scientific advancement in the fields of infrastructure, medicine and energy.

Why does the United States not have a solution to traffic, pollution and waste; cancer, Alzheimer’s, chemical addiction; energy blackouts and oil dependency? Where are the scientist who research and develop answers to new innovative breakthroughs in these fields?

Military weaponry advancement also hangs on the coat tails of technology; including spending. For more than 70 years the United States has funded war efforts around the world. Billions to build a powerful military and billions rebuilding countries they have destroyed. Yet congressional leaders end in gridlock when it is time to improve the lives of the citizens in their own country.

Anytime a policy is put forth that supports investing domestically on infrastructure and upgraded energy systems – which both would create jobs for millions of Americans – and medical advancements in extending or preserving the life expectancy rates, the question of cost arises every time. “How are we, or who’s going to pay for this?”

How does the US pay for technology and military advancements? Mostly through taxes and government tax subsidies for many industries in tech and energy production. So why are these fields advancing faster than the others? Because those who lead in these industries operate on a profit motive and not in the interest of the public.


Technology produces billionaires at the expense of public needs such as cell phones, financial transactions, transportation and entertainment. The military profits from weapons manufacturing, induced wars and foreign conflicts. And the energy companies profit from the oil gathered through war and international conflict. And neither has any interest in improving the lives of the people.

As stated earlier, it always comes down to costs and who’s going to pay for advancing the public. The news media ask this question on behalf of the industries that own them, and is always asked in an effort to discourage the idea or scrap it altogether. Yet for many years, the U.S. government has spent trillions of dollars fighting wars overseas and feeding the beast of the military industrial complex and the oil industry with more money than they know what to do with.

Logically, less oil dependency would reduce international conflicts, and expanding technology into infrastructure and medical advancement would make life easier for the public. Greed, however, is keeping the oil barons and tech heads from making a change and to remain conservative in their business ventures.

Many other countries are advancing in infrastructure and medicine beyond what the US has done, and at cheaper cost. Unfortunately, the capitalist spirit has overpowered any chances to advance the US because any other solution is now considered socialism; when the government and the wealthy of the country contribute to the welfare of the people.

Only Smart Nations Learn to Advance in Industry

It would seem only logical that civilization advances overtime and societies learn to adapt to life and the earth accordingly. The Industrial Revolution, for example, helped the world to advance using stream and fuel-powered machines that made life easier.

Science has advanced and found more efficient ways to power society yet the United States seem to reject those discoveries and keep holding on to the same ole technology. Big oil companies and fossil fuel industries fight against advancement by interfering with laws and regulations that would otherwise help society.

This, we know is based on nothing more than greed and a fear of losing money made by oil. The United States has invested in oil so deeply that they create wars (that kill millions of people) just to maintain a grip on oil-producing technology.

While other nations are pushing renewable energy, old guard politicians and businessmen are fighting against it. “Clean energy jobs increased 3.6 percent nationwide last year, while in Texas the number grew 5 percent. The states that have the best clean energy policies typically create the best jobs.”

Solar and wind are cleaner and cheaper than oil and does not require war to maintain. It is better for the economy because there are millions of jobs in this field and huge opportunities for training and education of the next generation.

The struggle is real and the average person would do good to seek out jobs in the clean energy field and to encourage training for the future. Coal and oil will soon die out and those who maintain a belief in these fields will find themselves locked out of a growing economy.

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