The term “possession” has automatically turned users of drugs into criminals, when the dealers are the actual criminals and users are in reality, the victims. But law and order in the United States is based on profit and not common-sense justice.

This question can be answered from a philosophical standpoint, as in, which came first, the drug or the sale of drugs? Common sense says the drug came first because most of the drugs used by society are plant-based and grown from the earth. Therefore, drug users are victims to the earth, first.

It was only after men discovered the profitability of drugs that drug trades began. But drug trading and use was at one point totally legal between nations. Drugs were used not only for recreation and entertainment, but for medical reasons also. Up until the early twentieth century, and in some cases now, cocaine itself was used for medical purposes.

As drugs became more popular within society, men realized that addiction could cause people to do criminal acts to maintain their addictions, which brought about more crime in communities and eventually led to the decision to criminalize some drug sales and its use. Alcohol also made the list of addictions and was once considered an illegal drug; even though alcohol was widely used throughout the world. Criminalization and classification of drugs is a man-made decision.

The United States, however, figured out that drug use and sales could be used to finance many different business ventures, such as prisons, police careers and the entire judicial system employing lawyers, judges, and staff. It was then that drugs were legally classified and carved into pieces that would afterward affect various sectors of society and communities of people, both as users, dealers and enforcers.


Today, people do not see drugs as a natural resource but as a social element used to control its production, use, and to maintain business ventures, whether legal or illegal. Chemical-based drugs (mainly pharmaceuticals) have flooded society and are considered legal and used to support the medical system while plant-based drugs are classified as illegal and used to support the judicial system.

Society has been mentally conditioned to see one or the other and therefore judge users and dealers of illegal drugs as criminals and users and dealers of legalized drugs as professional. This is a major distortion of reality and lack common sense as to the realities of drugs. Man has lost all comprehension of the purpose and benefits of drugs and turned it into a for-profit system at the same time turning society into non-thinking zombies who cannot differentiate between what is of the natural earth and what is man-made.

So basically, drug users can be either medical victims or criminal victims and dealers are also either legal or illegal agents, depending on who is using or selling the drugs. Of course, we see that drugs have been further carved up among class and racial lines. Poor people and people of color are criminals whether users or dealers and people who are wealthy and considered white are innocent victims of drugs either way. At least this is the perception contrived by a profit-driven justice system.

The complexity of this issues can be simplified by understanding that people can become addicted to drugs and should be helped instead of criminalized, and those who produce and sell drugs for the purpose of profit should be considered criminal, whether the drugs are classified as legal or illegal. If it causes addiction of the public and produces criminal activity, including pharmaceutical drug use, the dealers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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