Below are some of the latest business news headlines from the AP website. Aside from the jobs report, manipulated interest rates, and fluctuation of the economy, business news tends to focus almost exclusively on stock market data of Wall Street and various company’s earnings.

Very rarely is there any news about small business development or expansion in urban and rural areas or new banking regulations for loans and opportunities to entrepreneurs. No mention of developing new hospitals, clinics, and trade schools for future workers; only closures, mergers and layoffs.

There is no news of programs implemented by corporations or politicians for worker’s rights, government or private business support of unions, laws proposed for pay increases, new legislation for family leave, overtime pay hikes, or any plans of lowering the cost of food or gas by recent laws promised by politicians. None of that.

Instead, the topics are out of reach for average people and prop up high income earners looking to buy stock. Example headlines:

These topics are not of interest to the average working person. People want to know why stuff is so expensive, not how their labor is making corporations rich. Instead, these topics speak to investors, stock holders, and corporations seeking to exploit working people.


The news media report the same things. They are not talking to the average worker, they are talking to the wealthy class, of which they are included.

The jobs report has no value to people who have a job and those who do not have a job could care less who else does or does not have one. They want to know why they’re not getting hired or where they can work that will pay them enough to afford their rent and raise their kids. People do not give a damn about what Amazon earned last quarter. They look at how much they spent on Amazon last week.

They want relief from overpriced auto repairs, car and medical insurance companies, and excess taxes on property, goods and services, and why there are no affordable family housing. Why are their clothes and appliances so cheaply made and overpriced. Why is the cost of Internet service increasing, rent, power bills and natural gas so damn expensive and what are politicians doing about these things.

Capitalism is a class-based system that serves the wealthy and ignores the working class and the poor. It is all by design and there is no reverse in this paradigm of life in America because there is no mention of what anyone is doing to help the working class.

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